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    Reinstall Cinemagic

    Not recommended by anyone here ... hmmm ... well, I am here and I do prefer it over the Simple Slideshow maker in NXT. Granted Videowave is a strong program and working on a project with it and utilizing the audio programs for tweeking the sound creates great movies; however for creating something simple and fast as well as unique (especially when tweeking the movie scenes used and not used and choosing different Selection settings) Cinemagic was Quick, fun, simple and rewarding as opposed to the (better results but more time and work) Videowave and the very simple SLIDESHOW maker. fooling around ??? Yes, there is Work video-making where the results you end up with are what you strive for and create and then there is automatic Fun video-making where the results are sometimes Throwaway and sometimes Keepable yet always resulting in *magic* clips which can be used in other productions. Cinemagic was Great for loading it up, tweeking the settings,going off to take a bath or something and then coming back to watch the Surprising results ...
  2. I upgraded from Creator 2012 to NXT Pro and discovered Cinemagic is nolonger available. Is there anyway I can get inside my 2012 installer files to reinstall Cinemagic as a standalone program? I realize it would not be linked to NXT Pro and would not be accessable through the NXT interface but could be used as a seperate program much like the Cineplayer, Photoshow and Facefilter which remained after the NXT upgrade. I know that for a MAC there is an extractor application that you can use to get inside installer files to be able to install parts of an install and was wondering if there was such a program for windows. Or would it be possible to install Creator 2012 onto another hard drive or something so I could use CINEMAGIC? I feel I got a lot with the upgrade to Creator NXT Pro but losing Cinemagic is a bummer .... I liked how it was able to automagically select scenes and combine video with pictures plus you could tweek it to be more selective in it's choosing. Have not found anyother program that can do what Cinemagic was able to do.
  3. A general fix for audio sync when the whole audio track is out of sync by the same amount .. as opposed to problems where it starts in sync and gradually drifts out of sync. I purchased and downloaded a movie online and the sound was out of sync by a few seconds so I opened the video in windows movie maker and saved it as a SOUND. Then I opened the video in videowave and removed the sound *which was out of sync* and added the SOUND that I made witn WMM. I moved that SOUND in the timeline until it matched the video and then exported the movie. Maybe videowave could have done the whole process of seperating the audio and tweak it but I had just gotten Creator 12 and wasn't familiar with it and found the solution using WMM and videowave.
  4. shinobi

    8 Gb To Data Dvd?

    FIRST TIME Posting ... hope I do it correctly?? ... Sometimes, it's the simple things that are hard .. You want to make Backups of your videos in case your hard drive corrupts or something. Putting those videos on a DVD as data rather than as a playable Video DVD isn't the best way to save the videos as the size will remain the same either way and use a lot of dvds. Best way to do what you want is to get a 17 gigabyte stick from Walmart or someplace .. You can get one for 18 dollars or less. You can put the videos on it and whenever you need to replace them on your hard drive just put the stick back into the usb port and open it in Windows explorer where you can drag them back off the stick and into your computer. An even better solution for video backup is to get another hard drive just for that purpose. I got a 500 gig drive for 50 bucks at Walmart and put all my backup videos on it and then unplugged it from the computer. Next time my computer gets corrupt all I have to do after fixing it is plug that *extra* hard drive back in and there are all my videos.