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  1. ggibas45

    Convert Lps & Tapes How To Question

    Thanks for the info. I had a brain freeze while entering the post because prior to posting I found a thread from 4-5 years ago that mentioned it was frames and not hundredths of seconds. I had been stretching out the timeline to 10 second intervals, but since your reply I've been going to 1 & 5 second intervals, which has helped a lot. I consider myself a complete novice at this, and I'm learning things from the forums and other sites that I wish I had known earlier. I haven't checked my startup in over six months and see two Toshiba items that I don't use. Usually when I run Easy LP to MP3, I only have what starts at boot running. To do the screen print, I started a lot of other things. Thanks again for all of your help.
  2. ggibas45

    Convert Lps & Tapes How To Question

    Attached is an example of the time rectangle in the red circle. The cursor is pointing at the playback selector line. I've noticed that the waveform is brown instead of the usual green color. For the previous LP I exported it then entered Sound Editor from the Output phase of Convert LPs & Tapes to check something. I exited Sound Editor without making changes and clicked Finish to exit Convert LPs & Tapes. Next I restarted Convert LPs & Tapes, recorded a LP, and clicked Next to go to the Identify & Enhance phase. Once in the Identify & Enhance phase the waveform was brown, and I had the time rectangle.
  3. Yesterday during the conversion of a LP using the Convert LPs & Tapes function of Easy LP to MP3, I noticed a small rectangle next to the cursor that contained the time in minutes, seconds, and hundredths of seconds while in the Identify & Enhance phase. The time rectangle appeared when the cursor was on the line with the track separators, on the playback selector, and on the waveform. I don’t know if I clicked on something or did something else to cause the rectangle to appear. I don’t recall seeing it previously in the 60-70 LPs I’ve converted. When I converted the next LP, it didn’t appear. I checked Help for the screen and couldn’t find anything about it. Does anyone know how to turn it on? If this is a hidden option of the product, does anyone have any documentation on the hidden options? Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. Yesterday after using Easy LP to MP3 to export all the tracks from an album to my hard drive I noticed that the album folder on the hard drive had two files that started with the number 12(two 12 tracks). One of the files was the correct track 12 from the album and the second one was really track 14 from the album. Because I checked the exported folder with Explorer prior to clicking Finish I decided to delete the album folder and perform the export again. The progress window during the export showed that track 14 was exported, but when I checked the album folder with Explorer, it showed two track 12 files. This has only occurred once and didn't occur with two other albums exported after this occurrence. The only strange thing I noticed about the tracks was that the track times for tracks 13 & 14 was the same, 04:14. I doubt if this was the cause of the problem. Has anyone experienced this problem and/or aware of what could have caused it? To fix the problem, I used Explorer to rename the track 14 file to begin with 14. Everything seems to be fine with the album. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.
  5. ggibas45

    How To Find Correct Track Time?

    sknis, Thanks for the information. I forgot to mention that I started to input the track title and artist after the recording was complete in Step 1. This has helped a lot when I use MusicID in Step 2. MusicID now fills in the correct information for 70-80% of the tracks. I'll provide more information and see what happens.
  6. I'm using Easy LP to MP3 to convert vinyl albums to digital format and have had problems with track identification. I'm aware that the track times must match the Gracenote database times in order for identification to work. Recently I've had identification issues with some 1970 LPs. I matched the track times listed on the LP, but Gracenote only provided Blizzard Software and other game information for the tracks of the LP. I found that allmusic.com had different track times than those on the LP. I also checked Wikipedia, and it showed a third time for a couple of tracks. Is there a way to browse the Gracenote database in order to have my track times match the database so track identification is a little more reliable? If not, I'm interested in what others do for track identification to make it less of a manual process, if possible.
  7. ggibas45

    Exporting Lp To Mp3 To Itunes

    I'm not aware of a way to directly export an album or tracks from Easy LP to MP3 to iTunes. To get the albums to iTunes, I export the album to a folder using Easy LP to MP3. Next I start iTunes, go to File and select Add Folder to Library. An Add to Library window opens, and I find and select the album folder created with Easy LP to MP3 then click Select Folder. An Adding Files window should appear showing progress. After it completes the album and its tracks are in iTunes. There is also an Add Files to Library option under File that could be used to move individual tracks. Hope this helps. Gary
  8. ggibas45

    Easy Lp To Mp3 Not So Easy

    Roxio support mentioned that the published track time, which is used by GraceNote, must match your recorded track time. I have gotten much better results since I've made the recorded track time match or be within 1-2 seconds of what is listed on the album. MusicID accuracy is now 85% or higher. Although I've had some track times match and still get incorrect results from MusicID.
  9. ggibas45

    Easy Lp To Mp3 And Gracenote Musicid

    I've had much better results when the length of the tracks matches or is within 1-2 seconds of the published times. The published track time matching what I've recorded is the same response I received from Roxio support.
  10. ggibas45

    Easy Lp To Mp3 And Gracenote Musicid

    Thanks for the information. I'll pay more attention to the length of the songs and MusicID accuracy. On some albums it seems like there is 3 seconds or more between tracks, and I've been moving the track separators so there is about a second before a track starts. I haven't deleted the extra time, so some tracks have an added 2-3 seconds. I'll see what happens when the track times are accurate.
  11. When I use the LP and Tape Assistant to convert my albums to digital, I export the tracks to my hard drive in the final step. I noticed that temporary files are also created and kept in directory C:\Users\username\Music\Recorded Tracks. The files in this directory are named Audio_1, Audio_2, etc., and they are .wav files. I'd like to know if there is any need to keep this files and can I delete them. I've found that I can go to the folder where I exported the album in order to use Sound Editor on some of the tracks, so I don't see a need to keep the temporary files. Have I missed a need for these files?
  12. ggibas45

    Easy Lp To Mp3 Not So Easy

    On Jan 12 I contacted Roxio Easy LP to MP3 support to determine if there was something I had to do in order for Gracenote MusicID to identify track information correctly. I was getting Chinese characters, books, game data from MusicID for track information. Today Roxio replied to my ticket, and their reply is below. "After you have adjusted the track separators to trim your tracks (use the zoom buttons at top right to get a close-up look, then drag the separator arrows left or right), click the Tags button. The Edit Audio Tags window will then open, where you can identify your tracks automatically with MusicID." I have updated the ticket to let them know that this is the process I use, but MusicID rarely returns correct information for the entire album. Since opening the ticket I have converted 25-30 more albums, and it seems that I get better results(sometimes 4-5 correct tracks) when I use MusicID on each track of the album instead of all tracks at one time. Looking at documentation fromn competing products, Audacity and something from DAK, I've learned that album conversion isn't as automatic or easy as I had hoped. There is a learning curve for every product. I'll update you if I hear anything useful from Roxio support.
  13. ggibas45

    Easy Lp To Mp3 And Gracenote Musicid

    I did two more albums with similar results. Big Brother and the Holding Company - Cheap Thrills When I got to the Identify and Enhance step, I selected a single track and clicked on the MusicID button for each of the 7 tracks. Only two tracks, 2 & 3, had correct information. Track 1 had Chinese or Japanese writing for each field. Track 4 Title: Goldfinger, Artist: The Soho Strings, Album: 18 James Bond Film Themes The correct title is Piece Of My Heart Track 5 Title: Audio 12, Artist: Blizzard Software, Album: Warcraft 2 Game Music The correct title is Turtle Blues Track 6 Title: You Snooze You Lose, Artist: Gonzales, Album: Presidential Suite The correct title is Oh, Sweet Mary Track 7 info was the same as track 5 For the second album I used James Taylor's Greatest Hits. I expected the album names to be incorrect. This time I selected all 12 tracks and clicked on the MusicID button. Only track 6 was correct. It had the correct title and artist, and album was incorrect as expected. Tracks 1 to 5, 7, 10-12 had Blizzard Software as the title and Warcraft 2 Game Music as the album. Tracks 8 & 9 had other incorrect information. I haven't converted many LPs, but this is typical for the ones I have converted. On some albums I've moved the track separators because a quiet portion has been mistaken as a separator. For the James Taylor album there were no problems with the track separators until track 7. I would hope this wouldn't cause problems with the earlier tracks.
  14. ggibas45

    Easy Lp To Mp3 And Gracenote Musicid

    Cream - Disraeli Gears - only found one track Carole King - Tapestry - found two tracks The Electric Flag - A Long Time Comin' - found one track title from another Mike Bloomfield LP Crosby, Stills & Nash - Crosby, Stills & Nash - found a couple of tracks I plan to do some more LPs this afternoon and will update with results from them.
  15. When I get to the Identify and Enhance step during converting LPs using Easy LP to MP3, Gracenote MusicID rarely comes close to identifying any of the tracks from the LP. It usually identifies one track, and I manually enter the information for the remaining tracks. I usually get video game info such as Warcraft placed in the track information fields. I checked Options - General - Internet and "Enable audio disc information download" is checked. Is there something I have to do to get Gracenote MusicID to work; an Easy LP to MP3 option or register at Gracenote?