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    Edit Hd Video In Videwave

    After trying many things suggested by Roxio tech support, I came across Corel's Video Studio X4 and downloaded the free trial. It opens and edits the MTS files just fine. I've asked for a refund from Roxio. I'll use that money to purchase Video Studio. This camcorder has many modes, I've tried most of them. It does have a feature to burn directly to a HD disk, but I don't have a stand alone DVD or BlueRay recorder, so I just copy the files from the camera, or use the PMB video transfer software that came with the camera.
  2. RickinFlorida

    Edit Hd Video In Videwave

    I'm only using files from my Sony AVCHD HDR-XR160 camcorder (nothing copyrighted). It's native format on the camcorder is .MTS, but it renamed to M2TS when transfered to the computer. I've also tried converting to MPG-2 and MPEG4 format and tried using MPG-1 (standard definition video) files. As soon as I click on "Open" from the Insert photos/videos screen in Videowave the program stops responding. I have all the latest drivers (this is a brand new computer, but I updated every driver available), I have loaded all the latest Windows 7 64-bit updates and drivers, I purchsed the newest version of Roxio Creator 2012 PRO, downloaded and updated it. I have a 1TB hard drive with 90% free space, 12 GB DDR3 RAM,a Nvidia GeForce CTX 560 Ti graphics card with HDMI output to a Samsung SyncMaster B2430HD Monitor/TV. My computer is a Systemax SYX-SBT X58 from Tiger Direct with an ASUS mother board with the latest technology and a Intel i7 960 processor. I know you ansered..."Of course, . the program is designed to accept HD videos." but I'm curious, do you? Thanks for your input, Rick
  3. RickinFlorida

    Edit Hd Video In Videwave

    Does anyone out there use Roxio Creator 2012 Videowave to edit HD video files? If so have you had any issues? I can't get a video file to open for editing in Videowave. So far Roxio tech support has been no help. I appreciate any and all input. Thanks, Rick I would attach a file, but a 29 second file is over 100MB and the limit here is 10MB.