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    Roxio 12 Pro Will Not Open

    Thanks for the feedback. My Roxio product was a download so I don't have a disk. I knew I physically hadn't changed anything on the computer. It may not have been the right thing to do But I did a system restore going back 6 days and now everything is back working as it was before. I guess I will have to see.. Is there a way to re download the roxio pro 12 program? I swore I purchased a backup disk but you think I can find it? Thanks again Bud
  2. I started my own thread to avoid the confusion I started here Thanks Bud
  3. I use Roxio 12 Pro Mostly for Video Capture. This morning every time I would try to access My Video Capture device (Dazzle) It would tell me video capture has stopped working and close the video capture screen. well I rebooted Computer and now Roxio will not open at all ( I get a Roxio has stopped working error popup). I went into properties and the Compatibility box is NOT checked. Roxio has always been on this computer. and always worked pretty good except for like a month ago I tried to check for a update and I got a warning telling me product wasn't registered even tho it was Win 7 home premium service pack 1 64 bit dell XPS desktop Thanks for any help Bud
  4. I am new to this sorry for the confusion. I just jumped on post because I have the same issue. new to board so maybe I should have started a new thread. My computer is a dell xps desktop 1 year old
  5. I am fighting the same issiue today on my original computer. Roxio 12 pro will not open at all I get program has stopped . I haven't changed a thing. It started with the Fact video capture wouldn't open but now the entire program will not. Can somebody help me please? THanks win 7 home premium service pack 1 64 bit
  6. Budmn

    Createing Cd Lables

    I am running 64 Bit Win7
  7. Budmn

    Createing Cd Lables

    I am trying to use memorex Paper to Make My CD labels. I will attach Layout of Paper. when I try to Calibrate my HP Officejet Pro 8500a printer My Left and Right margins are within the parameters But my Top and bottom miss the letter scale by about 1/2 in from the letter A. I only have to options for memorex paper and tried both. and feedback would be appreciated! Budmn