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  1. Yes I recently did an apple upgrade for the 10.9. is their away to uninstall up grade? thanks
  2. hey out there! Everything is hooked up to my mac. always had sound and picture before, now no sound, just picture. checked sound settings on mac, they are up and running. it doesn't matter if i replay on computer or tv no sound. any ideas! not using s video cable, just regular audio and video cables. picture is fine ,no sound! thanks
  3. I contacted Roxio several days ago,via email, but as of yet no reply.
  4. I burned a old home movie and a store bought vhs movie. I recorded them using the video capture and saved to itunes and burned them using itunes and also used disk utility to burn one.
  5. I have tried playing it on 3 diff. players, not one will play it. burned it to dvd-r and dvd+r, doesn't matter, says can't play the disc,
  6. I've contacted roxio also about the problem, and heard no reply as of yet. no mention of license code, registered it with the cd key# when I bought it. on my desk top its Roxio Video Capture, but no toast, only can save to files or itunes, then burn, but discs don't play on any dvd player but on the one attached to my mac. have deleted the movie I recorded from my mac, to make sure its playing the burned disk, and it is, but only on my dvd player on my mac, not on any other player .
  7. Watched the video you sent. All my connections are right,my system shows no toast install from installation disc, just the video capture program. I can capture and burn to disks, they wont play anywhere but on my computer.
  8. Just installed this app. to my mini-mac and burned disks with no problem from itunes and disk utility, thought toast came with software, guess not. Tried playing 3 different disks on 3 different dvd players. players won't play them. Used both dvd-r and dvd+r. no luck.what am I doing wrong.