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  1. Thanks again for all the help!!
  2. I appreciate all the help !! Thank you so much. I would love to have the links to the tutorials if anyone has them... Here is one other random question........When I begin a slideshow, I drag the photos into the storyline. At first the photos are clear and I can see them very well, but as I add more and more, they become distorted and it's hard to see what the picture is. Does anyone know why this happens and is it something I am doing?
  3. Thank you so very much for your time. I will go get some different blank DVD's as well as a few of the RW ones. It seems to be always in the same place where the problem occurs. I will definitely keep plugging along. I did a memorial slide show for a friend who is terminally ill and it was about 100 pictures. Everything seemed to work ok with that. I have done some research and found a tutorial of sorts on the internet, and while it was for a 2009 version, it seemed to help me figure it out. I also had the manual printed and bound for reference. Thanks again! Jean
  4. In videowave, I went to Output then send to My DVD, and burned it from there. The slideshow I burned to DVD works okay until about 1/2 way through and then there are some slides that go blank during the transition for more than what all the other slides do. Like I said, the dvd works fine in my computer just not in the dvd player. I am not real computer savvy. I find this program difficult to use and have just sort of worked my way through it. I would sure like to get better at using it as I do keepsake slide shows after cruises for everyone who went. I certainly appreciate your help!!
  5. I created this slideshow in videowave. It is 31.32.26 minutes. I burned it to a Sony DVD-R 120 min. 4.7 GB. There are a couple of videos inserted in the slide show, but they seem to work fine. When I set it up, I used the default settings.
  6. I am using Windows 7 , Roxio Creator 2011
  7. I did a slide show of our wedding. It plays fine in my computer, but when I play it in the DVD player, it has some long pauses in the transitions.... Any idea what the problem is??
  8. jeanuwood


    Oops sorry. I was replying to the comment by sknis. He included a blue link with a tutorial but after I click on that, it won't let me click on the second link in that. I will try saving again and make sure it is in the roxio projects. I just want to get the stupid slide show burned off and copied for the people that went with us. I am very frutrated this morning. But thank you so much for the information
  9. jeanuwood


    I so appreciate the time you are taking to reply to my thread. I must be a complete idiot... The second blue text link will not let me click it. I also do not know how to make the iso file you speak of. My project is saved Adventure of the Seas.dmsm. It doesnt show up in the roxio projects folder but I can open it in the videowave. So where do I go from here?
  10. I have made a video slidshow with music in videowave. How do I now burn that to disk so I can make copies for the other people who were on our vacation?
  11. jeanuwood


    Thanks so much for the link to the tutorials. They helped me alot and I was able to get my photos, music and the 2 video clips done. I know this sounds like a stupid question.........but I have looked everywhere and cant seem to find the answer. Now that I have my movie made in videowave, how do I burn it to a cd or dvd, and which should I use a cd or dvd? Thanks so much. All my cruise buddies are going to be so excited to see the video of our cruise.
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    I posted in the creator 2011 because that is what he bought for me. I do have an old 2009 version that a friend gave me. should I upgrade to 2012? I just wanted something easy to use to make these slideshows from our cruises for everyone.
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    I am just starting to learn to use this program that I got for my birthday. I think it's complicated compared to what I used to make the last slideshow. Before I waste a lot of time trying to figure this out, can a video clip be added in the middle of a slideshow. Are there any tutorials that show you step by step how to make a slideshow? Thanks