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    Preview Crashes

    When I try to preview my bluray project in MyDVD it crashes when trying to load menu and I get error message 'video wave has stopped working'. I am running Roxio NXT Pro 2 and my computer system is Windows 8. Can anyone suggest a solution?
  2. frustated2

    Preview Crashes

    It's Windows 8 32 bit. I uploaded video from my video camera (AVCHD) then created a MyDVD project with menus. I have done this previously with Windows Vista and it worked so I thought it might be a compatibility problem. Upgrade to Roxio NXT from Creator 12 made no difference. Haven't tried Video Wave so I'll give it a go.
  3. frustated2

    Preview Crashes

    I am unable to burn blu-ray project either to disc or as an image file. The furthest it has got to is 5%, then it just freezes. I upgraded to Creator NXT Pro 2 because I have Windows 8 and thought it might be a compatibility issue on Creator 12 but it has made no difference. I was able to burn projects with Creator 12 and Windows Vista. Can anyone help.
  4. Can anyone help. I have just tried to 'add a new movie' to a project and keep getting MS Visual C++ runtime Error or 'videowave has stopped working'. I am using Creator 2012 on Vista SP2 and there is plenty of availble memory on my computer. The programme worked fine a couple of days ago. The only thing I could see that was different was an update to Visual C++ which i uninstalled but it made no difference.