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    Toast 9 On Lion

    Tsantee - my Finder does not have a Go menu but I found what should be the user library under devices. It has the Application Support folder which does contain a Roxio folder but no plist, only TDIX controller.kext and TDIX Support. I did reinstall Toast 9 again but have not tried to use it since, so don't know if problem resolved or not???? I am finding Lion VERY strange. Carmenoax
  2. carmenoax

    Toast 9 On Lion

    Thanks, Tsantee. I haven't tried saving as Disc image then burning but will try next time. Need new discs anyway, as this problem used up my last few. Re trashing plist, I do not find anything at all for Toast (or Roxio) in the Preferences folder of user>Library>Preferences. Doesn't seem to be very complete as to applications (see image attached) but I find no other library except system library with no preferences folder. Any suggestions?? This is only third day I am trying to set up my new iMac with Lion and so far have many questions about changes, things no longer covered, etc. Apple Support, of course, disclaimed any knowledge or responsibility for this Toast problem or any other of the minor questions I reported yesterday.
  3. carmenoax

    Toast 9 On Lion

    Yesterday I installed, from the original disk, Toast Titanium 9 on my new iMac using Lion OS. When opened it to burn some audio disks, was directed to download update, which I did, then began burning. First disk OK, second copy of same content received messages: Disk failed to be written. Connection is not stable. Deleted Toast, reinstalled and again downloaded update. First attempt to burn (different content) was successful but subsequent tries same error messages as above. Tried Roxio live chat but was told they do not support Toast 9. Can someone please tell me what the problem is and how to solve it? Thank you. Carmenoax