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    Get Message That Multiple Disks Required

    Either DVD Shrink or DVD Fab. I've never had a size problem after DVD Shrink does its job until I tried using Roxio for burning. I mean the idea of DVD Shrink is to reduce the size so that it can fit on a single layer disk. So, to see if fail when attempting to burn with Roxio leads me to suspect Roxio isn't doing its job properly. Come to think of it, usually DVD Shrink since most DVDs are too big for single-layer disks and need compressing.
  2. Paul Spens

    Get Message That Multiple Disks Required

    That is why I avoided using terms like GB. I gave the precise number of bytes in my message. A 4.7 GB disk should hold 4,700,000,000 bytes. I know that dividing by 1024^3 gives 4.37 GB, where Giga, in this case, means 1024 cubed. So you claim that Nero is doing some file compression? I find that surprising.
  3. I am trying to use Roxio burn by dragging a video_ts folder containing a DVD to the Roxio icon on my desktop. I get the message that "multiple disks are required to burn...". I don't understand this... the disk should be able to contain 4.7 GB of info and the DVD in question has precisely 4,667,111,424 bytes of information. Also, I have found that I can burn this same folder to a DVD using Nero (on a different computer). If Nero can do it, why not Roxio? I might add that this is "Roxio Creator Starter" which came with my PC. I also would like to note that I was able to burn a smaller-sized DVD (4,528,115,712 bytes) so the software indeed works.