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    Working With The Sound Track

    DG Yes, I do have Edit Video Advanced and that is what I use to assemble my Productions. I have done a number of Productions as well as assemblies into DVDs. As you know the problem is always in the details. As far as the final DVD quality as compared to the quality of the Productions, am I on the right track by assuming that the loss of quality happens when the total package (assembled Productions into a DVD) is too large and Roxio compresses the files to fit? For use on computers I just use the productions, but many of my friends want to play the files on a TV so I want to produce DVDs. So far I have not had much luck in producing and acceptable quality DVD. How are all of the grate files found on You Tube produced? I want that quality. BoB
  2. vdrivebob

    Working With The Sound Track

    DG - Thanks for the help with fixing the text to a panel while making my Productions. Sorry about being so "wordy", but it is so grate to have someone to talk with. About the menu comment. I have mislead you. I do not do any work in My DVD except to pick a menu, modify it with my background photos and then add the completed Production Files. All of the other mentioned work is done during the making of a Production. Note: I am trying to use Roxio terms for clarity. I know Roxio 09 is an old package, but there is so much "re-learning" with an upgrade in the PC world. (I am a Mac person without an Apple Product !!) My original subject was "adding Audio" so lets talk about that. You mentioned using a sub-tract to add audio, but does that not restrict the sound to that panel? What if the audio is in place and I want to split or delete the audio where a video clip is located (with it's own audio. Can that be done from the audio track? There appears to be some "tags" that can be placed but without instructions I have not learned how. By the way - I am using a software package that I purchased and is reg. It just did not come with much instruction. The Roxio Creator User Guide is very sketchy on most subjects. Thanks again for your help, BoB
  3. vdrivebob

    Working With The Sound Track

    First, thank you for the reply. Where to start? My question about "software structure" was directed at by knowing how the software was written (order) I could avoid some of my errors. first the issue of building a menu: Right now I am making DVDs (mostly to be played on TVs) by assembling several "productions" built using Roxio 2009 software. The majority of a production is made from still photos and an increasing number of video clips. When building the production I add transitions and audio. Roxio suggests adding the audio first before any transitions, but I have found that the real key is the "time". I also add blank colored slides to be used for title text, but the text is not tied to the slide (thus the software question) and will "slip out of" the slide if the overall time of the production is changed, so the first order of business after loading the first set of photos and clips is to go back to the first slide and assign it a time. I have found that to get the text to stay put, a time of at least 10 sec. is required. After making the Production title, the next step is to add a slide with text for the title of the first sequence. Finally any slides that have text (fixed into the photo) and may need more time to read, are timed. Normally in excess of the pre-selected (software again) 5 sec. Now with the first timed, I add the transitions (again for overall timing) even though Roxio suggests the audio be done next). Now the first subject of the new production is built. This process is repeated for a total of 3 to 7 subjects until a Production of about 75 to 100 slides is built. At an average of 7 sec. a slide and possibly 120 sec of video, a production of around 820 sec. is produced. It is at this point that the audio is added to the production. I add the audio in segments(by time) so that the background will not overlap into any audio on a video clip. It has taken a lot of time to figure out this sequence, since Roxio does not explain any of this. One question I still have is when a video is "clipped" by setting a later start or earlier stop, what actually goes into the production? Just the clipped portion, or the entire clip with the ends in the background(again the software structure issue)? Any way, I am getting off of the subject. Finally the Production is reviewed and output to produce a Production File. When viewed as a production the quality is excellent. Much better than when compiled into a DVD! Why? Red text appear to be the worst problem with a lot of smearing in the DVD that does not appear when viewed as a production. OK, so now it is time to assemble a DVD from and number of Productions. You have given me one grate clue by mentioning the 60 min. limit. As I understand it if the total time of the assembled productions exceed 60 min. (again the software question) then the Roxio program lowers the overall quality of the total file to make it fit. This would answer my "quality reduction" question. This really should be explained in the operating instructions! Assembly - What I hear you saying is that before I use a production, the title must be short. How does this relate to the buttons? Are the buttons added by the software(another software question)? As the productions are added, the menu builds. How many can be put on a page? This appears to vary. Sorry baout being so windy, but I think you can understand my frustration. I will get there with help from people like you. Thanks, BoB
  4. When I start loading music as a background to my photo and video clip "productions", sometimes the progrma will not allow me to load a song. Usually I get around this by putting it on another track. How is the software structured? What are my options? What is limiting the use of a particulat song. It length an issue? Also (as new subject) after all of the "productions" are loaded (while making a DVD)and the menu is being made the program will say that some of the program titles "overlap" and cannot be burned as set. this is even though the program brings up each title totally overlapped and makes no effotr to space them. I usually have to space them by hand. How does the software handle these placements? No guide is given as to where titiles or buttons should be placed. And finally the biggie! I do my productions at the highst quality allowed and they look sharp on the largest screen. After they are bundled into a DVD they are horrably degraded. The text placed over sharp photos is all smugged. The quality loss just to run as a DVd for TV use is just not acceptable. Any solutions or comments to these frustrating issues would be grately appreciated. I know the Roxio as a product line is better than this and the problem must be my not understanding the structure of the software. BoB