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    In case you haven't seen it, Roxio has posted an update for Spin Doctor for Toast 10 and Toast 9. http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/sof...updatesv10.html I had to create a new shortcut in the dock.
  2. shmoosma

    Spin Doctor Updates

    Just in case you haven't seen them, Roxio has posted fixes for CD Spin Doctor - Toast 9 and Toast 10. CD Spin Doctor v5.0.4.706t Resolves issue where distortion may be recorded when using system audio capture Resolves issue where waveform may not be drawn correct after updating to Mac OS X v10.5.6 http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/software_updates.html I had to create a new shortcut in the dock. No more distortion!
  3. shmoosma

    Cdsd Eliminate Track Numbers?

    What a neat website! Thanks for the recommendation. What I needed was right on the first page of Manage Tracks: Remove n Characters From Front or Back v3.0 If I can't change the Spin Doctor default this is an easy remedy. Thank you
  4. shmoosma

    Cdsd Eliminate Track Numbers?

    I'm converting a large number of LPs and cassettes and Spin Doctor does everything I need, except..... Spin Doctor applies track numbers by default to the track name and iTunes sorts song titles alphabetically then numerically. Having the track numbers in the titles doesn't allow the sorting to be done correctly. I would rather not have to go into ID Tags and remove the track number from every title manually. Any ideas how to get around this? Thanks
  5. shmoosma

    Cd Spin Dr Lost Lower Waveform

    Ignore this question..... I rebooted and everything is back to normal. I have been using Spin Doctor with no problem to digitize our LP collection, until I increased the size of the lower track name pane by left-clicking and dragging it up. I was able to grab the line and move it back down, but now the lower waveform and magnify slider are not there. The is just a light gray area where the should be. Anyone know how to get it back without having to do a reinstall? Thanks
  6. shmoosma

    Audio Capture

    Hey Dewey, thanks for letting me know that it isn't just my setup that has this problem. Maybe the Roxio techs monitoring the forums will let them know to create a patch for this? I thought this version would be a nice upgrade for me from 6, but there is a BIG learning curve for me. Have a great day.
  7. shmoosma

    Audio Capture

    The speaker is enabled in the bottom right corner, but here is a strange thing. In the advanced options I do not have the box for "mute sound system while recording". Under the GENERAL tab, I have the box for "limit recording to" and "enable auto pause", then where to save temp files. Checking under help for Creator Classic this is EMC 8 - Build 805b56b... I don't see any updates for this version.
  8. shmoosma

    Audio Capture

    Terry, thanks for checking that for me, but that is how I have it set up and it works well with another recorder program. EMC records the sound and I can play it back and hear it, just not while the LP is being recorded.
  9. shmoosma

    Audio Capture

    In the audio mixer (volume control), the iMIC is available as a "mixer device" as well as the soundcard for Playback and Recording. I have the iMIC selected for recording and my soundcard for playback. That setup works for Lp Recorder, so I thought it would also work for EMC. Volume is up and mute is off within the Sound Editor program. ?????
  10. shmoosma

    Audio Capture

    I have Win XP/SP 2 and I'm using a turntable/receiver with audio out connected to a USB IMIC into a USP port in my PC. I have succesfully used other software to capture LPs, but thought the editing and noise reduction would be better with EMC 8. I've tried LP/Tape Assistant and Sound Editor, the right and left channel levels move, but I can't hear the record. In Sound Editor, Options, I selected the sound card as Playback device and the test button gives me a test squeal. The program does capture, but shouldn't I be able to hear it as it records? Thanks,