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    Movie Expands When Burning

    Thanks for the info, however, it just seems to apply to converting still photos into the safe zone. I'm trying to take a QuickTime file (.mov) and shrink it down to fit in the safe zone so when I make a DVD it shows all the contents and doesn't flow over the edges.
  2. Zenman47

    Movie Expands When Burning

    When making a movie DVD using MyDVD the frame size of the movie expands slightly so that I lose part of the video around all four edges. Prior to burning everything looks correct using the Preview function. It appears that the burned DVD has "zoomed in" about 3% to 5% from the original file and I lose content around the edges. The movie files loaded into MyDVD are ".mov" files. Is there anyway to force the conversion or burning process to burn the DVD to the exact size as the original .mov files?