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    Update 11.1 Crashes Mountain Lion

    There's a workaround for this issue: press ctrl when you double-click un the installer. Now you see a "Open" button and you can install it. But Toast 11 won't work also on my fresh install of Mountain Lion. It crashes when I try to start it.
  2. Trystero

    Out Of Sync Audio (Video_Ts And .vob Files)

    After a lot of attempts, I found a way to re-sync audio and video. Please excuse me if the explanation will be not easily understandable, with my bad English… ---------------------- With MPEG Streamclip I choose to demux the original .vob files, and I obtained .m2v video and .m1a audio files (or .aiff files), as you suggested. I imported the files in Toast, but in both ways (.m1a and .aiff) the audio was gradually out of sync. Following the suggestion found in another forum, I converted the .vob files in .dv but burning those .dv files in Toast the DVD (or DVD image) was very bad, with the video full of distortions and vibrations. But during the .dv conversion I see that some temp files appeared in the "Roxio converted items" folder in User->Documents: .m2v and .ac3 audio files. I copied the .ac3 files in a new folder, together with the smaller .m2v files produced by MPEG streamclip. I opened again Toast (Video window) and I add those files, then I saved a DVD image. IT WORKS! Now, after so many attempts, I have synchronized audio and video. It seems that TOAST works bad with .m1v audio files (mpeg1)
  3. Trystero

    Out Of Sync Audio (Video_Ts And .vob Files)

    Thank you for the suggestion. I tried also in this way but it is the same. The audio is out of sync. It seems that Toast is multiplexing the video: The issue appears not only burning a DVD, but also if I save a DVD image and then I open it with Toast and watch with DVD Player. So I think that the issue is not related with the DVD brand. The only way to have a DVD with synchronized audio is DVD-ROM (UDF), but in this way I can burn only one VIDEO_TS folder, not two (or more) with a graphic menu.
  4. Hello, I write from Italy and this is my first message here. I am trying to burn a DVD putting together two different recordings made with a DVD burner from two VHS cassettes. The files works fine, with the audio well synchronyzed. With Toast it seems simple to burn a DVD starting from that material, but I tried in three ways and every time I obtain out-of-sync audio. 1 - DVD Video 2 - DVD Folders 3 - DVD compilation I drag & Drop of the two VIDEO_TS folders. I can choose a graphic menu, add the titles and chapters, but when I burn the DVD (or save a DVD image) I obtain a video with the audio that gradually becomes out-of-sync. I tried joining the .vob files in the VIDEO_TS folders with MPEG Streamclip. Good... the new .vob files works well, with the audio synchronyzed from the start to the end. Also in this way I can prepare a DVD with menu, titles, chapters... and all seems right until I remain inside Toast. But when I burn the DVD (or save a DVD image) I obtain the gradually out of synch audio. I tried with PCM and Dolby Digital Audio. I tried with Reencoding = Never It is the same. Can someone help me?