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  1. hello i need help. i just received my ROXIO GAMECAP HD PRO today and the only signal i seem to get from the device is a black screen.. I am trying to get my computer to recognize the signal from my ROXIO which is hooked up to the PlayStation4 System via HDMI cables. The pass-through seems to be working as I can see my gameplay on tv screen, and the roxio software and xsplit are both recognizing the ROXIO but the only video i get is a black box in both programs from the device.. please help. thanks. JEDI

    Getting Just A Black Screen With Roxio Gamecap Hd Pro From Ps4

    here is more detailed information about my system ---------------- [0] ----------------- AddressWidth=64 Architecture=9 Availability=3 Caption=AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1 Characteristics=4 CpuStatus=1 CreationClassName=Win32_Processor CurrentClockSpeed=3600 CurrentVoltage=14 DataWidth=64 Description=AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1 DeviceID=CPU0 ExtClock=100 Family=72 L2CacheSize=1024 L3CacheSize=0 L3CacheSpeed=0 Level=21 LoadPercentage=16 Manufacturer=AuthenticAMD MaxClockSpeed=3600 Name=AMD A6-5400K APU with Radeon HD Graphics NumberOfCores=1 NumberOfEnabledCore=2 NumberOfLogicalProcessors=2 PowerManagementSupported=FALSE ProcessorId=178BFBFF00610F01 ProcessorType=3 Revision=4097 Role=CPU SecondLevelAddressTranslationExtensions=TRUE SocketDesignation=P0 Status=OK StatusInfo=3 Stepping=1 SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=MARK-WS01 ThreadCount=2 UpgradeMethod=42 Version=Model 0, Stepping 1 VirtualizationFirmwareEnabled=TRUE VMMonitorModeExtensions=TRUE ---------------- [0] ----------------- Attributes=1 BankLabel=A1_BANK1 Capacity=2147483648 Caption=Physical Memory ConfiguredClockSpeed=2736 CreationClassName=Win32_PhysicalMemory DataWidth=64 Description=Physical Memory DeviceLocator=A1_DIMM1 FormFactor=8 InterleaveDataDepth=0 InterleavePosition=0 Manufacturer=Ramaxel MemoryType=24 Name=Physical Memory PartNumber=RMR5030MM58E8F1600 PositionInRow=1 SerialNumber=41EE3A88 SMBIOSMemoryType=24 Speed=1600 Tag=Physical Memory 1 TotalWidth=64 TypeDetail=16512 ---------------- [1] ----------------- Attributes=2 BankLabel=A1_BANK3 Capacity=4294967296 Caption=Physical Memory ConfiguredClockSpeed=6 CreationClassName=Win32_PhysicalMemory DataWidth=64 Description=Physical Memory DeviceLocator=A1_DIMM3 FormFactor=8 InterleaveDataDepth=0 InterleavePosition=0 Manufacturer=Ramaxel MemoryType=24 Name=Physical Memory PartNumber=RMR5040MM58F9F1600 PositionInRow=1 SerialNumber=150F5620 SMBIOSMemoryType=24 Speed=1600 Tag=Physical Memory 3 TotalWidth=64 TypeDetail=16512 ---------------- [0] ----------------- AdapterCompatibility=Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AdapterDACType=Internal DAC(400MHz) AdapterRAM=536870912 Availability=3 Caption=AMD Radeon HD 7540D ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_VideoController CurrentBitsPerPixel=32 CurrentHorizontalResolution=1440 CurrentNumberOfColors=4294967296 CurrentNumberOfColumns=0 CurrentNumberOfRows=0 CurrentRefreshRate=75 CurrentScanMode=4 CurrentVerticalResolution=900 Description=AMD Radeon HD 7540D DeviceID=VideoController1 DitherType=0 DriverDate=20150715000000.000000-000 DriverVersion=15.200.1060.0 InfFilename=oem2.inf InfSection=ati2mtag_Trinity_Desktop InstalledDisplayDrivers=aticfx64.dll,aticfx64.dll,aticfx64.dll,amdxc64.dll,aticfx32,aticfx32,aticfx32,amdxc32,atiumd64.dll,atidxx64.dll,atidxx64.dll,atiumdag,atidxx32,atidxx32,atiumdva,atiumd6a.cap,atitmm64.dll MaxRefreshRate=75 MinRefreshRate=50 Monochrome=FALSE Name=AMD Radeon HD 7540D PNPDeviceID=PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9991&SUBSYS_2AE0103C&REV_00\3&267A616A&2&08 Status=OK SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=MARK-WS01 VideoArchitecture=5 VideoMemoryType=2 VideoModeDescription=1440 x 900 x 4294967296 colors VideoProcessor=AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x9991) ---------------- [0] ----------------- Caption=Multiple Card Reader USB Device ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_DiskDrive Description=Disk drive DeviceID=\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1 FirmwareRevision=1.00 Index=1 InterfaceType=USB Manufacturer=(Standard disk drives) MediaLoaded=TRUE Model=Multiple Card Reader USB Device Name=\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1 Partitions=0 PNPDeviceID=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_MULTIPLE&PROD_CARD__READER&REV_1.00\058F63666433&0 SCSIBus=0 SCSILogicalUnit=0 SCSIPort=0 SCSITargetId=0 SerialNumber=058F63666433 Signature=0 Status=OK SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=MARK-WS01 ---------------- [1] ----------------- BytesPerSector=512 Capabilities=UN_KNOW CapabilityDescriptions=Random Access Caption=ST1000DM003-1ER162 ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_DiskDrive Description=Disk drive DeviceID=\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 FirmwareRevision=CC46 Index=0 InterfaceType=IDE Manufacturer=(Standard disk drives) MediaLoaded=TRUE MediaType=Fixed hard disk media Model=ST1000DM003-1ER162 Name=\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 Partitions=4 PNPDeviceID=SCSI\DISK&VEN_&PROD_ST1000DM003-1ER1\4&2158BF9E&0&000000 SCSIBus=0 SCSILogicalUnit=0 SCSIPort=0 SCSITargetId=0 SectorsPerTrack=63 SerialNumber= Z4Y89LNV Size=1000202273280 Status=OK SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=MARK-WS01 TotalCylinders=121601 TotalHeads=255 TotalSectors=1953520065 TotalTracks=31008255 TracksPerCylinder=255 ---------------- [0] ----------------- Caption=IDT High Definition Audio CODEC ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_SoundDevice Description=IDT High Definition Audio CODEC DeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_7676&SUBSYS_103C2AE0&REV_1001\4&AF41215&0&0301 Manufacturer=IDT Name=IDT High Definition Audio CODEC PNPDeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_7676&SUBSYS_103C2AE0&REV_1001\4&AF41215&0&0301 PowerManagementSupported=FALSE ProductName=IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Status=OK StatusInfo=3 SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=MARK-WS01 ---------------- [1] ----------------- Caption=XSplit Stream Audio Renderer ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_SoundDevice Description=XSplit Stream Audio Renderer DeviceID=ROOT\MEDIA\0000 Manufacturer=SplitmediaLabs Limited Name=XSplit Stream Audio Renderer PNPDeviceID=ROOT\MEDIA\0000 PowerManagementSupported=FALSE ProductName=XSplit Stream Audio Renderer Status=OK StatusInfo=3 SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=MARK-WS01 ---------------- [2] ----------------- Caption=USB Audio Device ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_SoundDevice Description=USB Audio Device DeviceID=USB\VID_0D8C&PID_000C&MI_00\6&1D9F8137&0&0000 Manufacturer=(Generic USB Audio) Name=USB Audio Device PNPDeviceID=USB\VID_0D8C&PID_000C&MI_00\6&1D9F8137&0&0000 PowerManagementSupported=FALSE ProductName=USB Audio Device Status=OK StatusInfo=3 SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=MARK-WS01


    sounds like your computer might not be fast enough to run the game capture software.. try using adobe flash media encoder or xsplit..

    Install Software Without Cd

    see the following post for more info on other programs.. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/87091-great-way-to-stream-andor-record-for-youtube-with-adobe-flash-live-media-encoder-32/

    Install Software Without Cd

    You can also use other free streaming/recording software that is free.. You can use ADOBE FLASH LIVE MEDIA ENCODER, available at www.adobe.com or XSPLIT BROADCASTER available at www.xsplit.com Both programs are free and easy to use.. Xsplit is more advanced..
  6. hey if anyone is having problems with the included ROXIO GAME CAP software for consoles due to having a cpu that does not meet the processing and memory I have a GREAT solution for you!! Do what I do and use the ADOBE FLASH LIVE MEDIA ENCODER v3.2! Its a great FREE program available from ADOBE.com.. What it does is encodes your signal to your specs via a desktop program and sends the signal to streaming sites REMOTE FLASH PLAYER.. This means you can stream to sites like blogTV.com, USTREAM.TV, Twitch.TV, Justin.TV, etc etc.. But.. heres the best part.. you can also RECORD the game to your cpus hard drive while you stream, or just stream, or just record!! It is BY FAR the best solution of your computer is sub-par and doesnt meet ROXIO GAME SOFTWARE minimum system requirements.. Heres the HELP FILE telling you all about the ENCODER.. http://help.adobe.co...sing/index.html and this is the link to download the ENCODER for free form ADOBE.. http://www.adobe.com...ia-encoder.html also heres 3 screenshots of the encoder menu when you have the program opened on your cpu..
  7. I dont know what the problem with the install is.. It could be that your computer is not good enough for the software, as the software requires a very good computer to run.. However you can use XSplit or Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder.. You can still use the Roxio Game Cap with other broadcasting/recording software.. I personally dont even USE the included software, I use the Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder or XSplit Broadcaster.. You can get both of these programs at the following sites.. http://www.adobe.com...ia-encoder.html http://www.xsplit.com/ Simply download and install these free programs, and your laptop will recognize the Roxio as a webcam.. You can stream remotely to USTREAM, Livestream, JustinTV, etc, and or record to your hard drive to upload to youtube later. Hope this helps..

    Laptop Broke, The Product Key Was On It..help?

    The product key is only for the included software.. You can still use the Roxio Game Cap with other broadcasting/recording software.. I personally dont even USE the included software, I use the Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder or XSplit Broadcaster.. You can get both of these programs at the following sites.. http://www.adobe.com...ia-encoder.html http://www.xsplit.com/ Simply download and install these free programs, and your laptop will recognize the Roxio as a webcam.. You can stream remotely to USTREAM, Livestream, JustinTV, etc, and or record to your hard drive to upload to youtube later. Hope this helps..

    Is My Computer Good Enough Plz Answer

    im not sure.. you probably can open the video file with the roxio software, however if your computer doesnt meet the minimum requirements the roxio software may not function properly. actually the adobe encoder records video as an .FLV file.. i dont think you will be edit that type of file with the roxio software.

    Is My Computer Good Enough Plz Answer

    you can record with the adobe encoder and then upload it to youtube.. you cant use the encoder with the roxio software.. also the adobe encoder is just an encoder.. it encodes the signal from the roxio and streams and/or records it to your hard drive.. it is NOT an editing tool.. you cant edit your videos with the encoder, it just encodes the signal and sends it to the stream site and/or your HD.

    Is My Computer Good Enough Plz Answer

    im also streaming MADDEN13 live now using the adobe encoder.. feel free to tune in and ask me any questions in the chat at http://instagib.tv/jedi_capricorn

    Is My Computer Good Enough Plz Answer

    i did for 2 years.. i just got a dual core cpu yesterday, but for the past 2 years i have used the roxio game cap with a single-core celeron mickey mouse computer.. i now have a dual core cpu but the adobe encoder works great with a sub-par computer.. i recorded over 200 videos with a single-core intel celeron processor using the Adobe Flash Live Encoder.. You can see my recorded videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/capricornphoto2?feature=mhee

    Is My Computer Good Enough Plz Answer

    see my reply above and check out my post GREAT WAY TO STREAM/RECORD.. DOWNLOAD THE ADOBE FLASH LIVE MEDIA ENCODER and use that instead of the included Roxio Game Cap Software!!
  14. for those of you with single core computers who cannot use the included Roxio Game Cap Software, DOWNLOAD THE ADOBE FLASH LIVE MEDIA ENCODER!!

    Is My Computer Good Enough - Answered

    Ok heres the deal.. Your computer may not be have the processing power to run the included ROXIO GAME CAP Software, but any computer will recognize the ROXIO GAME CAP as a webcam device, so if you have a sub-par computer, do what I did and use ADOBE FLASH LIVE MEDIA ENCODER! The Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder is a FREE program available from Adobe that encodes the signal from any webcam device (including the Roxio Game Cap) and allows you to stream and/or record video to any streaming site or to your hard drive.. Just go to www.adobe.com and search LIVE MEDIA ENCODER, and download the free program, "Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder 3.2" When you launch this program under ENCODING OPTIONS select ROXIO GAME CAP for your VIDEO & AUDIO INPUTS.. You can then enter the remote stream URL & passcode to stream on such sites as JustinTV, Twitch, USTREAM, LivesStream or INSTAGIB.tv.. If you dont want to stream but want to record your gameplay and upload it to youtube select SAVE TO FILE under ENCODING OPTIONS and you can save your gameplay and upload it to youtube later.. IF YOU HAVE A SINGLE-CORE PROCESSOR in your computer the included Roxio Game Cap software WILL NOT WORK, however the device will still be recognized as a webcam with the Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder and you can stream and/or record with the program.. I hope this helps... Any questions feel free to email me at capricornphoto@comcast.net I had a single core computer for almost 2 years and used the Roxio Game Cap with the Adobe Encoder to record and stream over 200 videos and it works GREAT!!!
  16. you can also see my youtube videos recorded with the ROXIO GAME CAP STANDARD EDITION from PS3, and saved/streamed using the Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder 3.2.. Check out my channel on youtube at www.youtube.com/user/capricornphoto2 heres one of my NHL13 videos, me winning the STANLEY CUP vs the computer on PS3.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqW12byJ6q8
  17. STREAMS UP on blogTV.com again!! STREAMING MADDENNFL13 on PLAYSTATION3 Connected Careers League Head-to-head games LIVE NOW!!
  18. OK EVERYONE I HAVE HAD THE ROXIO STANDARD EDITION FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW.. AFTER 6 MONTHS OF STREAMING AND RECORDING FROM MY PS3 I FIND IT IS A GREAT DEVICE AND VERY EASY TO USE.. HERES HOW TO STREAM AND/OR RECORD USING A FREE ADOBE PROGRAM.. FIRST GO TO ADOBE.COM AND DOWNLOAD THE FREE ENCODER. THE NAME OF THE FREE PROGRAM YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD IS "ADOBE FLASH MEDIA LIVE ENCODER 3.2" ONCE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE PROGRAM OPEN IT UP AND CHECK IT OUT. IT IS VERY SIMPLE TO USE. YOU HAVE 3 OPTIONS. STREAM TO A SITE, SAVE TO YOUR HARD DRIVE, OR BOTH. IF YOU WANT TO STREAM YOUR LIVE GAMEPLAY AND NOT RECORD IT TO YOUR HARD DRIVE FOR LATER VIEWING, EDITING OR UPLOADING TO YOUTUBE, SELECT JUST "STREAM TO FLASH MEDIA SERVER". IF YOU WANT TO RECORD YOUR GAMEPLAY AND STREAM IT AT THE SAME TIME, SELECT "SAVE TO FILE" ALSO. IF YOU ONLY WANT TO RECORD TO YOUR COMPUTERS HD FOR LATER VIEWING, EDITING OR UPLOADING TO YOUTUBE SELECT ONLY SAVE TO FILE. IF YOU ARE GOING TO STREAM, YOU NEED TO GET THE STREAMKEY AND PASSWORD FROM THE STREAMING SITE OF YOUR CHOICE. THE SITES I KNOW OF THAT SUPPORT REMOTE BROADCASTING ENCODERS, SUCH AS THE ADOBE ARE: www.blogTV.com www.livestream.com www.ustream.com On the streaming site of your choice make an account and look for REMOTE BROADCAST options in your account settings and follow the easy instructions.. You wil create a PROFILE on the ADOBE LIVE FLASH ENCODER for each site you wish to broadcast on, then to start your stream you just select the proper profile for the site you want to stream to. As far as recording and uploading to youtube, which is what I do about 75% of the time, thats alot easier.. All you need to do is SAVE TO FILE the game you want to upload. Then go to your youtube page, select UPLOAD and upload the video file to your channel. A 40 minute game video takes approximately 12 minutes to upload and another 15 minutes to complete processing before it is available for viewing. This is is DEFINITELY the best way to use the ROXIO GAME CAP STANDARD EDITION with the PS3 System, and if you have a slower or less than ideal processing ability computer, ITS 100% THE WAY TO GO.. While the ROXIO SOFTWARE included with the GAME CAP is very powerful and full of options, it requires a VERY FAST CPU, with great processing speed and lots of RAM memory.. Many computers dont have this. So give it a try.. Download the ADOBE program, make an account on blogTV.com ; LIVESTREAM.com & ustream.com and mess around with the settings in the flash encoder till you figure em all out... Its really quite simple.. And works GREAT. Here are the links to my channels.. http://www.blogtv.com/People/Capricorn-777 http://www.youtube.com/user/capricornphoto2?feature=mhee im actually going live now at 2:45pm est 1/21/2013 and i will demonstrate some streaming with the ROXIO GAME CAP on my blogTV Channel, capricorn-777 I will also answer any questions I can in the TEXT CHAT ROOM to the right of the video feed.. You can either make a free account on blogTV to chat, or you can type a guest name in the yellow box at the bottom of the TEXT CHAT window.. Come on over I will be streaming MADDEN12, Madden13, NCAA13, Gran Turismo5, Call of Duty: BLACK OPS2, MAG, Battlefield3 and more!! Tune in now!!!
  19. i am about to start streaming now on blogtv.. feel free to tune and ask any questions in the text chat room!! http://www.blogtv.com/people/capricorn-777

    Roxio Hd Sending 4 Colored Lines

    Hello.. i have the older regular roxio game cap, but my friend just purchased and received the ROXIO HD PRO. he is trying to stream and or record game play footage. when he goes to stream or record the roxio is only sending a signal of FOUR COLORED VERTICAL LINES (blue, green, purple and red) he is not using HDMI since ps3 doesnt allow it, so he is using component cables.. anyone know why the roxio is sending the 4 colored vertical lines and not the ps3 video? Thanks for any help

    Roxio Hd Sending 4 Colored Lines

    i use the standard ROXIO GAME CAP and i stream to blogtv.com, livestream.com, use it with the ADOBE FLASH LIVE MEDIA ENCODER and it works fine.. so the device does work with other programs and streaming websites.. he gets a signal with the roxio game cap software but the video recordings are terrible due to his laptops poor processing power so he wants to use the ADOBE FLASH LIVE MEDIA ENCODER to record his games and then upload them to youtube..

    Roxio Hd Sending 4 Colored Lines

    that doesnt seem to be the problem.. hes using component cables, they are hooked up correctly and the only software or site that doesnt get the vertical lines is the included Roxio software but his cpu is not fast enough to use it resulting in terrible recordings.. whenever he goes to a stream site or tries to record from cam on youtube or use ADOBE LIVE FLASH MEDIA encoder hes still getting the 4 vertical colored bars.. please help. thanks
  23. Hello.. I purchased my ROXIO GAME CAPTURE last January from Amazon.com.. I have had no problems with it until last night.. When I try to record or stream anything all i am getting is the audio, and a black screen with white lines everywhere,, Here is what it is doing.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv55XZUCvHE Has my ROXIO malfunctioned or broke? I tried restarting my system several times, unplugged everything and plugged it back in, uninstalled and reinstalled the software, and nothing is fixing this problem.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thank You..

    Getting A Hum From Tv

    hello.. today i started getting a humming sound coming from my tv when the roxio game cap is plugged in via usb to my cpu.. i have the roxio game cap for consoles, hooked up to my ps3.. it sounds almost like feedback.. when i disconnect the usb cable from the cpu, it stops.. any suggestions on what this is and how to fix it? thanks.. JEDI_CAPRICORN