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  1. The Sonic Digital Media V7 came packaged with my older HP PC (Windows XP operating system). It contained some very clever templates that really livened up a home movie. While the V7 had some problems I really loved those templates. And, the program was really user friendly. I upgraded the software package to MyDVD 8 and subsequently to Roxio Media Creator 10 and all those clever templates were gone. And they made the interface much more complicated and difficult to navigate. I thought the V7 was a good package and with the upgrades Roxio would start with that package and improve on it. But no, they went an entirely different way abandoning some of the best parts of V7. The templates incorporated in the upgraded software are not really as good as those in V7. I continued to use the V7 movie making software until I upgraded my computer. I now have a new PC with Windows 7. Is there a way to download the V7 templates? Or is there software to be downloaded that will accomplish much the same thing. I'v bought 5 different movie making programs, but none of them have templates as clever as those contained in the Sonic Digital Media V7 program.