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    Ie8 And Dla

    Thanks all for the help. Brendan, your solutions would have been preferable, if I could have implemented them via batch rather than graphical. I cannot ask my 4000 users to each do that. Since DLA is not really used anymore anyway, we decided to go with Drew's solution. Works great. It does completely remove DLA. But I doubt anyone will even notice. Thanks again.
  2. osborn4

    Ie8 And Dla

    I realize this is an old thread. But, we are very slow (obviously) getting to IE8. I was just wondering if anyone had figure out a way, from an enterprise level, to unplug the plug in w/o uninstalling the applicaiton. Thanks.
  3. osborn4

    Ie8 And Dla

    I know this is an old thread, but we're finally getting around to installing IE8 on our XP machines at work and are running into the same message. Has anyone come up with a way to deregister DLA as an IE plug in? Or set a group policy to automatically disable just this plugin? Thanks.