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  1. Toji

    Video But No Sound

    The recording level was set to max, but I had not changed the default recording device. Changing that has fixed the problem. Thanks!
  2. Toji

    Video But No Sound

    Yes, if you mean the program, it's recording video just not audio. If you are asking if something else is set to record with the device, I'm not sure where to check.
  3. Toji

    Video But No Sound

    If I have the USB device set to "listen to this device", then yes, I can hear the audio before I start the capture, and I can even hear it while the video is being captured, but after I stop the recording and Process and save the project, there is no sound when I play the video from my computer. If I don't have the USB device set to "listen to this device" which is the default, then I can't hear anything before or after capture
  4. Toji

    Video But No Sound

    Hi again, Actually, I thought it was fixed because I could hear sound but unfortunately, the sound is not being saved with the video in the project so it's not fixed. I went into Control Panel / Hardware & Sound / Manage Audio Devices and double clicked on the USB line. Then I checked the box for "listen to this device". That allowed me to hear the video that was being recorded to my computer but as I said above, the audio is not being saved as part of the project, when I play it back, no sound. So, how do I go about reseting the audio capture in Windows?
  5. Toji

    Video But No Sound

    No, I hadn't, but thanks, I found it and fixed it.
  6. Toji

    Video But No Sound

    Hi all, I just upgraded to version 3 and I am not getting any sound. Yesterday I was doing transfers from VHS to my computer using an older version and it all worked fine. This morning I upgraded to version 3 and using the same tape and set up as yesterday I have no sound when I capture the video. Any help is appreciated in troubleshooting this problem. Thanks