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    Vista Drivers

    Have to say that Russell's version is probably more correct. I see Nero have theirs ready. Have manged to get Acronis True Image, Diskeeper, Adobe Reader, Systetm Mechanic, Ulead Video Studio to name a few...
  2. Moosehouse

    Vista Error

    Yes but they've had since October and everybody else seems to have had theirs ready. Nero have...
  3. Moosehouse

    Vista Drivers

    Ok, So Windows Vista is out tomorrow, or today in some parts of the world and we haven't heard anything since October on the Windows Vista update front. Any news?
  4. Moosehouse

    Windows Media Player 11 Affects Sonic Products

    Why do people think that Microsoft should we responsible for their software working with every single one of the 100's of thousands of pieces os software, where as the software manufacturers only to make sure that their software works with one O/S. I'm buying Vista on Tuesday, and no I don't have to replace every single piece of software. I like the Mac, it's just the arrogrance of Mac users that I can's stand...
  5. Moosehouse

    Help! My rewriteable dvds will no longer erase

    Not sure If this is the same thing. Being Christmas and having some spare time on my hands I decided to clean up some RW discs I have. Removing some not longer files and adding newer ones. No problem, I thought. But every RW I put in tells me that there is no Free space left on any of them. If I format them, everything is fine and it goes back to being a RW disc. Then I put something new on and it's still ok. But If I remove the disk and put it back in the drive it goes back to being "no space free" again. I am using XP Home with Service Pack 2, (1.5GB Ram). Dell Pentium 4 Dimension 8300 and the Drive is a recently bought LG 16x Multiwriter Super Drive. I'm not saying it's anything to do with EMC9, but would like any ideas anybody may have. Thanks, Alan.
  6. Hi B or C or D Yes you are right. Microsoft should individually go through all the millions of pieces of software out there and make sure their software works with every single one. AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
  7. I was joking about RC 1 DUH! I'm not the only one with problems. Do you read the message board atall
  8. Beta Software are we talking IE. 7 or the the latest version of Roxio Easy Media Creator Post Release Candidate 1. Are you telling me to take IE 7 off my machine or the other million people. Hey if it was me working for Roxio I would have tried IE 7 with EMC to see IF IT WORKED FIRST....
  9. Yes, I do have the latest Internet Explorer beta software, along with a few other million people out there. Please don't ask me to take it off. The amount of time and effort I had to go through to get it working properly. Alan.
  10. I never had any trouble with 7.5 It all started with v8. Looking at the discussion groups a lot of people had trouble with it, and it was suggested it involved ati graphics cards. Roxio v9.0.088 Windows XP Home 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2 Bios: AT/AT Compatible 09/27/04 Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.60Ghz Memory: 1022.94MB Display: All In Wonder 9600 Series (128) Audio: Creative Labs SB Live Series Hard Disk 1: 80GB. Hard Disk 2: 80GB (Maxtor) Hard Disk 3: 60GB (Acom External) Disk Drive #1 Samsung DVD-Rom Disk Drive #2 LG DVD Ram/+- R/RW Dual Layer
  11. For many, many months they said there was going to be an update to v7 that never happened. Sorry, I must be dreaming about mine not working (again). Latest ATI Drivers are Radeon display 8.282 Multimedia Center 9.15 Catalyst Control Center 6.8 Remote Wonder 3.04 Also I have seen on the internet a whole load of trouble with ati's version of dao 3.5 (I think)
  12. I have been a user of Easy CD/Easy Media Creator for several years (Adaptec) without any problems. V7 was good, 7.5 okay. The first problems I had was with v8. Especially with Video Wave and MyDVD. But an (bug fix) upgrade was coming out so I'd wait for that. So I waited and waited and nothing. Read all the messages, probably a problem with my ATI graphics Software. I did try to update to the latest one, but ATI didn't make it easy to get rid of the last version, and the new one had more problems. So an upgrade to a deluxe version was nnounced. So i hoped that would cure my problems that a none existant bug fix upgrade might have. So I waited and waited. No upgrade happened. Then yesterday, Version 9 and my prayers were answered (I thought). I installed it with no problems. Until I decided to try out a few of the programs. Which either wouldn't load, or came up with error messages. So today I took the bull by the horns and removed all remnants of my old ati video card drivers and replaced them with the latest. That didn't work very well. The new one had dao problems, wouldn't load my ati tv and the remote kept coming up with error messages. So I turned back my system (how I love go back). Reading more discussion group messages I took off both v8 and v9, cleaned and links in the registry and put on v9. Installed perfectly. Then I tried to use it and low and behold nothing worked. Error messages galore. So the conclusions I've come to are. 1. After v8. Why was I so stupid. (Please give t back to Adaptec) 2. ATI make great video drivers (not). But it would be an idea for both companies to get together and sort something out, and stop blaming each other 3. Being a customer for years why would I fork out for a "customer upgrade" direct from Sonic when It would be cheaper to buy a new version in best buy without being "a loyal customer" 4. Might actually consider Nero. Something I thought i'd never consider. 5. Loyalty goes both ways.