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    Titanium For Mac - Distortion/crackling

    well sonic heaven has been resumed .. The solution - I used Audiofile Engineering's Wave Editor to resample the 44.1 files to 48kHz (trial available) - apparently it uses something called "Izotope SRC". And now Achtung Baby / U2 from HDTracks sounds incredible through my DVD player / system at 24-bit. Just for comparison I left some of the original FLAC 24/44.1 tracks on the DVD and let Toast change 44.1 - 48 , result: same as before distorted / lack of soundstage. I intend to also try SOX for the resampling - it is free. Apart from the sample rate issues the whole process with Toast was flawless to make an Audio DVD complete with menus - up to 24/96 resolution of course. Hope this helps others.
  2. Hi - I just bought titanium 11 to make some audio only DVDs with PCM audio - the process is very simple and easy . However the final encoded audio is faulty. Compared with the original tracks (PCM 16-bit and 24-bit / 44.1 and 88.2 ) the encoded audio is distorted and static crackly. Also I have found that if I even preview the assets in Toast before burning the same problems are apparent. I can confirm this happens even with an aiff cdda track. Could this be an issue with core audio - I noticed recently that some other players on mac struggle with some files - eg. VLC has distortion problems playing 44.1/24 tracks (from HDTracks) whereas Play and iTunes do not . Is titanium using core audio? At the moment at I am at a standstill - the sound quality is simply unacceptable. I am about to try discwelder to see if the same problems occur. Just out of interest - I know the VOB container is mpeg like - can someone confirm that PCM files are NOT mpeg compressed. thanks
  3. dubbo

    Audio Distortion After Creating Dvd

    I have a similar problem creating audio-DVDs on a mac - the original PCM files are fine - but when burnt AND also in preview/edit there is a crackle / static type distortion. The PCM files I have tried are 16/44.1 and 24/44.1 and 24/88.2 I do not have anything natively on 24/48 or 24/96 to see if this is a rate upsampling issue. EDIT: as per my other post - my problem fixed using Wave Editor / Izotope to do the sample rate conversion 44.1 -> 48 before importing to Toast.