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  1. I am using easy cd creator and trying to burn a cd. They are wave music files and the source is my PC. But when I burn a disc they are cda files. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Roxio keeps writing cda files on my discs. The source is my PC and they are wave files. Why is it doing this?

  3. Am trying to make a music cd. The songs are loaded and listed as wave files. Just made the cd and all it shows are cda files. What gives?

  4. BEAR4448

    Recording Track Markers

    Does anyone know if the newest version of Roxio would recognize Cool Edit Pro track markers?
  5. I am using Roxio Creator 5, I know, it's old. I'm also using Cool Edit Pro. In Cool Edit Pro I put together a mix of live recordings and audience sound effects to make it sound like one concert. It's actually 16 music tracks mixed down to one track. In Cool Edit Pro I put in all the track markers so a listener could go from track to track just like you would be able to do with a 'live' concert cd purchased at a store. When I burn it to cd with Roxio it doesn't recognize any track markers. Can someone help me figure out why this is not working? Is it possible Roxio simply doesn't have the capability to 'see' the track markers? BEAR4448