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  1. Completely uninstalled EVD3 and reinstalled original EVD (build 201B23A)...and i'm still having the same problem! I guess this means it's not an issue with EVD3, but keep in mind i've been using the original FOR MONTHS and never had this problem until now. And it's not like i've made any changes to my computer. HELP!
  2. Performed all the suggested prep steps (including updating my video card drivers) and ran the repair, but still having the same problem. Any other ideas?
  3. Just upgraded to EVD3 today. I select the "Record, Edit, and Save" option on the Home screen. Audio & video feed look just fine. Hit "record" and everything seems to be working. But when i hit stop there is no video in the playback screen for me to view/play/trim (just black) and there is nothing in the "Video List" to the right. The captured videos ARE being saved correctly to the designated folder in my computer, but for some reason are not showing up within the program itself. I then tried to import the captured videos from my folder into EVD3, and the program just crashes. I then tried to import other videos (including some captured with my previous EVD version) and the program continued to shut down each and every time. Hopefully someone can be of some help.