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    Triple Scoop Music

    Hello Jim , CD, Anymore suggestions please. Thanks Don
  2. Hydraulics

    Triple Scoop Music

    OK. I am having trouble Identify each attachment when attaching the files. I can't show headers for some reason. 1 & 2 Temp directory. 3. Download directory 4 Triple Scoop Music directory. The .pdf file is the only file in that direcotry I found out how to do a 'repair'. I did that, which took absolute ages, but still no Triple Scoop Music. I must be missing a download somewhere! Thanks Don .
  3. Hydraulics

    Triple Scoop Music

    Yes I tried a search - nothing found. Having purchased the 2012 Pro I would have thought they should all have been included. Just 1 file RoxioCreator2012Pro_JX90AXD0R14.exe Size 1,770,390KB Hmmm! How does one do a repair? Thanks Don
  4. Hydraulics

    Triple Scoop Music

    I have the same, but all it has in that folder is the Triple Scoop Music Guide. pdf displaying the list of music available. Is it possible they are not included in the download version? Don
  5. Hydraulics

    Triple Scoop Music

    Following on from Smart Sound, although my directory doesn't look like yours Jim, I do have access and it works. But, how do I get access to Triple Scoop Music? I am using the downloaded version of Roxio 2012 Pro. All I have is the Triple_Scoop_Music_Guide.pdf file Thanks Don