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    Creator Vs Other Roxio Products For Converting Lps

    "Quality" starts at the source: Clean records without scratches. After that, you need good bit rates and sampling frequency. It is said that the "average" human ear cannot distinguish "sound quality" below 20hhz, or above 20khz, so the standard 16 bit/44khz is supposed to be good enough for "average" people. People with "discerning, perfect-pitch" hearing claim you need 24, or even 32 bit resolution @ 192khz, and are willing to pay the price of being able to convert vinyl at that "rarefied" level... More power to them. I'm a hearing-impaired 63 year old man (50 years of LOUD music -concerts, headphones, and 5" Naval gunfire next to my ears in "that war over there") who is glad to still have some hearing left; 16 bit/44khz sounds excellent to me. Try them all out and see what YOU decide is best for your needs.
  2. Hi, I'm new here, with Roxio 2011 Pro and questions about converting/recording analog music into digital formats. I cannot find forums where anyone is asking about that. I know how to capture/convert analog to digital and my question is abut the quality thereof. With ROXI 2011 Pro, am I stuck with 24 bits @ 44khz? I want 32 bit float @ 96khz! Can anyone help me?
  3. Frank-the-frames-guy

    Frame By Frame Editing Capability

    To Karri & Steve, thank you for your help. I believe I need to explain where I'm comin from. In the past, I had a Desktop PC to which I conected an ADVC-100 converter through a Firewire connection. The ADVC-100 has S-Video, Composite, and Digital input/output lines. I was thus able to send a video signal into my PC from of any VCR, or DVR video source, and ended up with >avi video clips (30frames/second) that I could then edit - Frame by Frame - on my PC. I could cut frame sections out, duplicate them, reverse-flow them, speed them up or slow them down, etc. It was hard, tedious work, but the end product was worth it for me because I would enf up with exactly the video clip I wanted, frame by frame. A lot of those .avi clips still need to be perfected, and I cannot do this woth Roxio's Videowave. I can see from the examples you shared with me that Videowave will be just amazing, when I get my individual video clips finished and ready, but in the meantime, I cannot see how to use videowave to break appart a video clip frame by frame, so I can manipulate the content, frame by frame so it is just the way I'd want it to appear later, as a segment of an entire production.
  4. Frank-the-frames-guy

    Frame By Frame Editing Capability

    Dear Digital guru, First off, thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. I am using the "Edit Video Advanced" selection, which automatically lands me into "Videowave". I bring in one of my .avi clips to edit there, and the clip appears in the main display ("Preview") window, and also in the "Storyline" section below. (I much more prefer the "Timeline" view when I edit). My problem is, my .avi video clips appear as a single frame at the start point, with a blue field extending out to where the end of the clip time frame should show up. I am used to seeing my .avi clips show up in the timeline view with all the frames available, so I can cut and splice accordingly. That's NOT happening with this software, therefore I cannot edit "Frame by Frame", as I am used to do. How can I get my ,avi clips to show up as a collection of however many frames the clip has, instead of a single frame at one end, and a blue field for the rest of the frames I should be able to see and choose from? I can see how this editor would probably string together up to 48 "finished-product" .avi clips and allow me to make a great finished movie, but the .avi clips I have (from a previous program editor and computer) are not "finished" yet. I still have some work to do to most of those .avi clips, before they are ready to be used by the Roxio Prodution program.
  5. Frank-the-frames-guy

    Delete Frames In 2011 Roxio Videowave

    I may have the same problem. My previous video editor was able to let me work on my videos in very small segments that I was able to edit frame-by-frame. Now, when i inport an .avi file into 2011Pro, I cannot expand the strip into a frame by frame format. The software seems to want to work with the entire video segment, no frame-by-frame editing allowance. That is not good for me, and i don't like it at all. Can you help me do whatever so i can again work on my .avi segments frame by frame? Ulead's MediaStudio Pro 7 was so good about leting me do that.
  6. Apparently my 1st post did not. I need to know how to make Roxio Creative 2011 Pro allow me to edit my inported .avi files in a "frame-by-frame mode. Right now, I get the .avi video clips in, bur they show up as a single entity. i cannot expand them onto a frame-by frame environment where i can work on them to edit frames in and out. can anyone help me out there?

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      I've been usion Roxio since way back - Creator 5 - and 6, and 7, and 7.5, and 8, adnauseum. I'm now up to 2011 Pro, and i'm still somewhat unhappy.

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      I did (above)- but it keeps asking me to again do so when i try to post.

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    Frame By Frame Editing Capability

    I have been using Rosio Creator programs since way back when - Creator 5- for music amd final video production, but for the hard/intensive vidio editing work, i've always used Ulead's Media studio Pro 7. It was the only software that allowed me to work with videoo files the way I like to do it: frame by frame. It's the best way to get movies done right; constructing them in small segments at a time that you can later put together for a final production show. I had to finally move on in my hardware/software and bought more modern stuff: HP xw44oo Workstation, Windows7, a Hauppauge TV tuner, the works. Alas, my old Ulead's Media studio Pro 7 doesn't know how to swim in those waters. So, I now have the Roxio Creator 2011 Pro, which has allowed me to inport my old .avi files in, but I cannot get them placed in the frame-by-frame environment I want, so I can work with them as I used to do. Now, I tried the Automatic processing mode, and was blown away by the results, but said results were mostly done by the computer without my help. I don't like that; I want to control how my productions come out, not just let my program do whatever it wants, regardless of how good the final product may look. Anyone out there knows how to help me?