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  1. Here is the "ODD" situation. in the folder options I have show hidden files, folder, and drives checked. In the windows directory it does not show an Installer folder , so I tired to create a new folder by that name, it asked me if I wanted to replace the current folder, which does not show even with the option to show hidden folders. BTW nothing in the recycle bin to restore.
  2. I have System Mechanic pro and I went to it's uninstaller.. found roxio VideoCap_USB_30_X64 tried to do an uninstall of it it kept giving me an error message went into regedit where it is listed and it showed nothing some how I need to get rid of the videocapture , I think
  3. LogFile 16-06-11 22-04.zip I already had show hidden files, folders,.... Does not show an Installer folder in windows
  4. LogFile 16-05-31 22-12.zip LogFile 16-06-07 17-14.zip
  5. It appeared that it would almost install , I cleaned out a couple things thinking it may help ... but got the message too many installs adn I tried sending a message to reset the code, n trying to send a message said it could not receive any more messages
  6. Trying to attach the install log again
  7. Tried using absolute uninstaller...to find Roxio reminents ... Found where FastFlick had installed but didn't show up under Windows Uninstall .. so Uninstalled it tried re-installing NXT3 with anti-virus off .. the disc contents on my hard drives and running setup.exe as administrator... still got an interrupt message... attached is the install log
  8. I had Roxio Video Capture VHS to DVD but had unistalled it before trying to install NXT 3, Trying to reinstall it then uninstall it I get the same interrupt message ..
  9. What would be the name of the driver that I would be looking for? Also would it be part of the Video Capture USB?
  10. I don't have a video card issue but Install interrupt message comes up after it rolls back. I installed the contents of my dvd to my computer's hard drive, turned off both anti virus and firewall, and from my hard drive folder I run setup as administrator and I still get the install interrupt message
  11. LogFile 16-05-26 17-37.zip I have the same problem with NXT3 but doesn't quit just rolls back and says try again later. I have the disc, I installed it's contents into a folder on my computer's hard drive, I turn the anti virus and firewall off and run setup.exe as administrator and still get the install interrupted message
  12. I am having the same install problem. attached is the Log file it saved LogFile 16-05-25 20-39.zip
  13. Jarman1

    Cineplayer 2012 And Blu-Ray

    Why do I get the message that the cineplayer in my 2012 Pro has the ability to play Bluray but it won't?!