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  1. I recently purchased a Canon DC10 Camcorder which included MyDVD as part of the bundle. When I first installed the package on my desktop, the software seemed to work properly, in that it could download from the camera onto my hard disk. At the same time I have been moving most of my applications from the desktop onto a Lenovo Laptop. When I installed the MyDVD package onto the laptop, and tried to download (Open Disk) video from the camcorder it comes up with a message saying "there is no Canon DVD Cam connected to PC!". When I tried to rerun the same Open Disk function on my Desktop, it comes up with the same message. The only difference between the 2 systems is that on the desktop there is also now a preceding message saying "MyDVD has detected that DMA is turned off for one or more of the recording devices................" . I have followed the advice given to fix this and it appears that DMA is in fact properly enabled. This message does not appear on the new laptop. Both systems are Windows XP. Can anybody give me advice on how to get around this problem?