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  1. I created 5 Video Wave Movies that contain slideshows set to music & I want to merge them into one continuous playable movie. I tried using VW - no luck. I also tried creating 5 chapters on a DVD but cannot create a "Play All" button as shown in one of the other tutorials. Any help would be appreciated. I have Roxio Creator 2011.
  2. WrestlerMom

    "play All" In Creator 2011 Dvd Creator

    I got it working! Thank you.
  3. WrestlerMom

    "play All" In Creator 2011 Dvd Creator

    I did mean the file you stated. So I use the export button in video wave for each and then I should be able to merge them? Could you guide me through this or suggest a tutorial please?
  4. WrestlerMom

    "play All" In Creator 2011 Dvd Creator

    I did save each as a separate video file (.dmss ish). I tried to start a new video file and just open and merge the 5, but I cannot find my video files when I use Add picture/video. It only shows me .dat files that cannot be used. So I tried creating a DVD with each video as a chapter - but it will not create a play all button. I was following directions from a tutorial but did not have the same menus & buttons. I think it was an earlier version of Creator. I would rather create one video file if that is possible!