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    Toast 15 And Tivo Dvr

    My older version of Toast 11 had the ability to burn a copy from my TIVO DVR through my wifi network. It was called the Tivo Transfer App. When I upgraded to Toast 14, this function was missing. Does anyone know if the Tivo Transfer App, or the Mac2Tivo app is in Toast 15? Why was is dropped from Toast 14? Thanks, John
  2. I purchased Toast 11 so that I can transfer purchased movies from Amazon from my Tivo to my Mac computer. When I run TIVO transfer, the system recognizes my Tivo, locates at of my video files, including the purchased Amazon movie. However ONLY the movie has the Circle with a Slash in its icon. When I start a transfer of the movie, there is a brief time while the cursor is spinning, then the transfer aborts. What's this? I purchased this movie, it's not a rental. I'd like a copy on my IMac computer? Thanks for your help.