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  1. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks again. Lost506

  2. Thank you. I guess that you prefer Roxio to the other DVD copiers on the market. I think that I will copy on my old Dell Windows XP 32 bit and wait until Roxio comes out with a version which is compatible with Windows 8. Don't want to wind up with outdated software again. I am assuming that the new version of Roxio Media Creator which will be compatible with Windows 8 will also be compatible with Windows 7.
  3. Thank you for that. In that case I might as well go to the latest edition of media creator. I have read a lot of negative stuff about media creator and Windows 7 on the internet. Is there anything to it? Thanks again.
  4. " Thank you Digital Guru. I ran the 64bit patch. You are a real guru. The message "Driver blocked due to Incompatibility" is now gone. Thanks again I am thinking about reinstalling Roxio Creator 9 on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, as it did work fine except for the annoying message. What do you think? Please don't just say good luck.
  5. I made the mistake of installing Roxio Media creator 9 on my 64bit Windows 7 ultimate pc. It worked but, I began to receive a message in the lower right hand corner of my screen saying the following: A driver is installed that causes stability problems with your system. This driver will be disabled. Please contact the driver manufacturer for an update which is compatible with this version of Windows. I therefore uninstalled Roxio Creator 9 from my pc using an advanced uninstaller program youUninstall. The message Driver blocked due to incompatibility still returns when I turn on my pc. When I click on more information find solution,I get the message Driver Sonic Solutions DLA, Publisher Sonic Solutions check for solutions. I ned to find some way to remove the troublesome driver. Suggestions please.