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    Screen Resolution Error Message

    Yes it did but it created problems with various programs like word, Irfanview and VLC or any other program that will display/ run a photo or video. Also the windows explorer page had font and icons reduced to almost nothing. Some screen caps of 150% versus 100%. The real pain was trying to get my display back to where it was. Simply changing from 100% to 150% did nothing. System Restore did the trick though.
  2. mudway

    Screen Resolution Error Message

    Thanks, the only alternatives are shown to my current screen size are 16 bit and various other “Hertz” in both 16 and 32 bit. All dropping to 16 bit did was cut to about 50 > 60% of the screen any pictures and videos played. No apparent change in picture quality to me but a bit pointless having a 24” screen with only about 15/18” used. Nice idea though. Out of curiosity I decided to load Creator 2012 Pro to my notebook which has never carried anything like it. Screen resolution is set to 125% which is the highest, size to 1366, colour is 32 bit 60htz. Loaded OK and opened up all Creator progs without a problem. Now to scrub it from the notebook as no need for Roxio as it has no dvd drives. So far all 3 machines have been able to run all Creator 2012 Pro files. Switching to NXT on this one was the problem and I don’t feel inclined to contaminate the others with it. I’m still trying to work out how to reset my fonts and icons back to where they were before I reduced screen size etc. down to 100%. Putting it back to 150% brought the screen back but fonts are nothing like they were before the change. Seem to be a different font type and size now. Even tried a system restore but that didn’t do the trick. Roxio customer service seem to have gone back to sleep again. No response for nearly 5 days now.
  3. mudway

    Screen Resolution Error Message

    You should sell your computer Whatever you do, don’t give up your day job. You’ll never earn a living as a comedian. You have gotten the ONLY answer there is! It is your user error in the Display Settings you are using. My display settings as you call them are those as set and recommended by the manufacturer. I have changed nothing and every other program on the computer works, only NXT3 has a screen resolution error. Besides why is my system wrong when Roxio is misreading my settings? Roxio says it requires resolution of 1024 or higher and at least 16 bit colour. My resolution is 1960 and colour is 32 bit. Roxio is the problem as it is incorrectly reading my computer’s settings settings. FYI, 3 computers, 2 x Dells both with 24” screens and 1960 resolution, the Asus as a notebook only 1366. All run windows 7. Display size on the Dells came at 150% and the Asus at 125%. I have changed nothing. Obviously your system is working so what size monitor do you have, what resolution and display size is your PC set to? Whether you like the answer or not is not relevant, no one is going to re-write the program to fit the wants of one disgruntled user out of MILLIONS One disgruntled user, try searching the internet, there seem to be other people with the same problem out there and this discussion group seems to have quite a few problems cropping up with the software. Maybe you are the only happy user! Now something for you to ponder on. I just booted up my older PC which is normally only used to store data these days and noticed a shortcut to Roxio. It still has Creator 2012 Pro on it and guess what. It works OK with the same settings as my main PC. The main PC now gets an error from Roxio on 2012 Pro. Before I installed NXT then uninstalled it and reinstalled 2012, Creator 2012 ran happily the main PC. Only after first loading NXT did Roxio start with the error messages for 2012. The only difference between the 2 PCs is that the older one is 32 bit.
  4. mudway

    Screen Resolution Error Message

    Why make a shortcut folder in Explorer view and look at the small text your complaining about when programs list most of your list like this? Easy, they are the programs I use most. Didn't have small text before NEXT3 advice from Roxio. By the way I see several registry fix programs in your Explorer view. Older ones I tried before I standardised on Tune Up. Just haven't got around to getting rid of the shortcuts for progs I don't use. Never realised how many there were, this mornings job. Quickest way to wreck a Roxio installation is run some registry cleaners. That to me says Roxio can't be that good/robust. Tune Ups Clean Registry and defrag registry runs once a month. None of the others would have been used for a long time.
  5. mudway

    Screen Resolution Error Message

    But why do I have to reduce my font size etc to something smaller when Roxio is saying my screen resolution is too small? It makes the screen look ridiculous (see below first normal then after reducing resolution to 100%). My screen size is 1920 x 1080 and colour is 32 bit, both higher than Roxio wants. I’ve now reinstalled Creator 2012 which now has the same error as NXT3. Now I’m even more confused as the PC arrived with Creator 2010 loaded, I had upgraded to 2012 with no errors and now Roxio is giving this error when I reinstall it.
  6. mudway

    Screen Resolution Error Message

    Thanks Brendon, that makes it work but screen font size in every Microsoft application is minute and virtually impossible to read unless you read the screen with a magnifying class. I've uninstalled it from my main PC and installed it on my other one which now has that problem. I'm hoping I can reload Creator 2012 onto my main one (the one I'm using) as that was happily working with no screen size issues. Funny thing, Corel support have just burst back into life and contacted me.
  7. I recently upgraded from Roxio 2012 to NXT 3 which I’m beginning to think was a big mistake. What works is burning or copying discs. Trying to open anything else like creating or editing/converting, results in this error message “The current display settings do not meet the minimum requirements for this application. Please change the screen resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels or higher, and the colour quality to 16-bit or higher.” My screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 and colour is 32-bit. All drivers, software etc. are up to date. The system is Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. After a few attempts at fixing the problem using the obvious methods which I had tried like uninstalling, downloading again and re-installing, support suggested changing my font size to 100%. My default font size was 144% to fit my monitor. Reducing to 100% resulted in Microsoft programs opening up with larger icons and small message font. Irfanview used to open up 1200 pixel photos for cover the full screen, now they only open up to 2/3rds of the screen. I reported this and was told that “This email is referencing your case XXXXXXXX. It has been reviewed and due to the complexity of your question, I will be transferring it to our Level 2 Technical Support. An agent will contact you shortly. Thank you for your patience.” The next email stated “thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. Again I do apologize for this inconvenience and Please be informed that this ticket will now be closed.” Two questions, 1) Has anyone else experienced this problem and had a proper fix for it? 2) Is Corel Support normally this useless?
  8. On 10th Jan I reported that my Roxio 2010 would not open and had an error message when clicking on RoxioCentralFx.exe that “The specified path does not exist. Check the path then try again” Roxio Supports answer was that they did not support 2010 & I should buy 2012. I bought 2012 Pro & guess what. Exactly the same error message. To this day I have not been able to open RoxioCentral to make a DVD. If I click on Photosuite.exe, RoxioBurn.exe etc. They open. But Central will not open. Support have asked my umpteen times to uninstall then reinstall Roxio including several times re-downloading the software. They asked for dxdiag which I sent. They told me to delete all hot keys which referred to Roxio, Sonic etc after the uninstall which I did. At one stage I found something called Roxio System Rollback on my PC which I knew nothing about & could find no such program in my Program Folder. Never found out what it was or how to control it as support told me to uninstall it without ever telling me where on earth it was on my PC! Either way, it disappeared after one of the uninstalls & has not reappeared. They told me my DirectX was old & to update it but Microsoft way 9c is the latest for XP. I’ve run check disc etc with no issues noted. Anyone out there have any ideas what is going on.