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    Missing Some Minutes In My Converted Video

    Does anyone have any insight into this Toast/TiVo Transfer problem? Tivo records the entire program, it transfers to my Mac thoroughly (I can see all of it via DVD Player), but Tivo will not burn the entire file to either DVD or disc image.
  2. StevenMR

    Missing Some Minutes In My Converted Video

    I'm having the same data-drop problem. The last few minutes of files that come to Toast via Tivo Transfer are missing. In a 60 minute program about 5-10 minutes are cut off at the end. In a 2 hour program, more like the last 20 minutes. For example, in the Media pane a show will be listed as 59:58, but dragging it into the Burn window it shows up as 51:00 minutes and that's all that burns. When I try to play the disc (or image) when it gets to that point it loops the playback to the beginning of the program. This is essentially ruining every disc I try to burn. Same thing happens if I create a Disc Image instead of burning media. I've tried relaunching Toast, throwing away the Toast plist, re-transferring the file - nothing works. PLEASE HELP!!
  3. If I use Roxio Video Player to view programs captured on my Tivo and then transferred to my computer (iMac w/OS 10.9.2) they will play just fine. If I burn the same files to DVD, BDR, or even create a disc image, the sound will be out of sync. I've tried many different downloaded programs but always get the same results. I know others have had this problem, but I haven't seen a solution that works for me. Any ideas? This is getting very frustrating!
  4. StevenMR

    Bd Burn Failure

    I've tried with a variety of TiVo transfer files and get the same results. On rare occasion the burn is successful, but it's been a while since that's happened. I'm not losing BD disks since the process never gets as far as actually initiating the burn, but I'm also not able to use the software as intended. I'm able to burn non-BD dvds without a problem, though occasionally Toast will crash upon completion of the burn.
  5. StevenMR

    Bd Burn Failure

    I've already tried to repair permissions. I trashed everything in the Converted Items folder and tried to save as a Disk Image instead of burning. Same problem - a -42 error.
  6. StevenMR

    Bd Burn Failure

    Not sure which Toast settings you're asking about. Write speed = Best, Media is set to Blue Ray Video, Destination is set to my internal Blue Ray burner. For the disk I'm trying to burn now, the file size indicated is 16.17 Gb with 7.14 Gb of disk space remaining. No video editing whatsoever - it's a straight drag and drop. Tivo video is dragged from the Media pane in Toast (it shows up there once I've downloaded the file from my Tivo to my Mac via Tivo Desktop) into the main Burn window. The burn process makes it through the Multiplexing but during the Filling Ram Cache stage it stops. This time I'm looking at a different error message: "The file “00001.m2ts” could not be accessed. (Data fork, -42)
  7. StevenMR

    Bd Burn Failure

    When I try to burn a BD disk from Mac OS 10.7.5 I get an error message that says "Could not record the disk because too many files are open. Result Code = -42" Then Toast crashes on me. The files come from TiVo Transfer. I've tried trashing the Toast Pref files - no change. Can anyone help?
  8. StevenMR

    Blu-Ray Burn Fail

    I am getting a "Could not record the disc because there are too many files open. Result Code = -42" error when trying to burn 2 files to a Blu-ray disc. 20.79Gb total size, Internal drive is identified as HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH12LS39. After the burn fails, Toast quits unexpectedly. The failure typically occurs after multiplexing is complete but before the actual burn. I've tried throwing away Toast pref files, but that doesn't help.
  9. StevenMR

    Audio Delay Problem

    OK, I downloaded Easy VHS to DVD v1.0.5 and it worked fine right up until I updated my system to Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), at which point I completely lost all audio capture. Roxio Video Capture works to get both audio and video, but now I'm back to the out-of-sync audio problem with Roxio Video Capture again. I tried deleting Easy VHS to DVD and reinstalling, trashed its preferences, but no luck - still zero audio. Any help would be much appreciated. BTW, I'm trying to send these videos to iMovie.
  10. StevenMR

    Audio Delay Problem

    Easy VHS to DVD Capture seems to solve the Roxio Video Capture audio sync problem, but Easy VHS to DVD is not nearly as featured. It doesn't let you designate the "save to" destination (defaults to the Movies folder) and there are no Trim options. Does anyone have a solution to get audio in sync with Roxio Video Capture? The version of Quicktime I have (10.0) does not seem to allow for Audio Track Extraction.