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  1. Hi everyone, Each time I close Easy VHS to DVD 3, I get a window pop up that says "Roxio Easy VHS to DVD has stopped working." It has two options, to check online for a solution, and close the program. The second option is just to close the program. If I click on Show Details, the Problem Event Name is APPCRASH, and the Fault Module Name is ntdll.dll. I had a lot of trouble installing the new version. It kept failing when it tried to install an older version of Direct X onto my Windows 7 Home Premium PC. I got it to install when I found a similar issue for installing Creator 2012 on the Roxio support page. That gave me a work-around to bypass the load of Direct X. The program works fine, up to the point where I click the red X in the top-right corner to close the program. That is when the error window pops up. Does anyone else get this error when closing the program? If so, what is the fix? Thanks in advance for your help with this. Larry