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  1. severedskull73

    Is It My Ram Or My Cpu

    So on my desktop my games capture at normal speed but they are choppy and drop out every once in a while and on my laptop my videos are are twice or more (IDK) the speed they should be so can someone tell me if its my ram or cpu on both these I am already getting a new computer so for video editing and capture but I was wondering If perhaps I had a temporary quick fix
  2. severedskull73

    Videowave Features

    Yeah I have been researching what I need to do and learn for proper a build, but thanks for all the feedback but basically something like this
  3. severedskull73

    Videowave Features

    19 I have $150 for upgrades can someone give me a ram and a processor that is compatible with my desktop and I didn't know age was relevant I could have been 35 and it wouldn't have made a difference
  4. severedskull73

    Videowave Features

    So here's my desktops stats sort of a two part question and probably my last sorry for the painstaking difficulty My questions are can I upgrade this desktop with these and I believe they are capable of running Roxio Game Capture but can a "Digital Guru" confirm it for me http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820103010 and this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116397
  5. severedskull73

    Videowave Features

    Stats I have a laptop This is what I have and want to upgrade The reason for the different processors is different computers but the Celeron is a friends and the AMD is what I have
  6. severedskull73

    Videowave Features

    _______________________________________________________________________________________________ So now that I know I need a new processor can someone recommend me something reasonably priced for my hp: "AMD E-300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.300 Mhz 2 cores, 2 logical processors" "Ram: 2 Gb" This is from my system information
  7. severedskull73

    Videowave Features

    Not at the moment besides paint, whoops, I forgot I have GiMP 2, I had wanted the arrow to point off screen I found out how to make an arrow with wingdings 3 font though there near the m,h, and around those letter but you have to make the font like 110+ if you want it to be somewhat noticeable and even then IMO they look really grainy I found out that the laptop I am plan to record with has an Intel Celeron at 2.56GHz is the still processor still capable cdanteek? Thanks for the feedback so far
  8. severedskull73

    Videowave Features

    Thanks, and yeah an arrow in a video frame
  9. severedskull73

    Videowave Features

    I was recently editing a video and needed an arrow, is there a way to add an arrow with the VideoWave software And I was wondering if there was a way to set a universal volume before rendering so when I upload I dont have parts of a video that are shouting at you and parts that are whispering Thanks, Severedskull73 P.S. Also If anyone minds Is a Intel i5 (I think) 2.56 GHz processor going to work for recording It is alot considering but bear with me!
  10. severedskull73

    Roxio Game Capture Installation Disc

  11. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So I installed my disc non a computer under the requirments, no worries I have a computer that will work but my question is how many times can i install the software I would like to install it 2 more times (laptop and desktop) but I am out of state So how many times can i re install the software ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .Severedskull73