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    Video Compression When Burning To Dvd

    You are always so helpful Tsanti. Thank you so much. I understand. I didn't have a chance to test it on a TV yet but what you are saying makes perfect sense. So then I have two follow up questions. 1. What is the way I should burn the disk to make it most universally playable? The second method I took of burning to a disk image first then burning to blank disk? I assume there is an easier and more efficient way? 2. How do I add the H.264 video as well do that computers can see it in HD? That would solve my problem. And in this case, if I were to put it into a Bluray player, it would read the HD too right? Not the SD? Thank you very much!
  2. kankichi

    Video Compression When Burning To Dvd

    I have very large and very very clear mov files that I would like to burn to DVD. In this particular example, I have two 80sec MOV files both at around 2GB. When I play them on my 24in computer screen they are very clear. I am using toast to burn them to DVD. I would like two keep the clarity as much as possible. Without tweaking the settings, I tried two things. 1. Adding both files in the Video DVD section and just clicking burn, straight into a DVD disk. Burning worked fine -This resulted in a disk with BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders. inside BDMV > Stream, there are the files. The video quality is not good and it doesn't play on all computers. 2. Adding both files in the Video DVD section and then burning Disk Image. Then I burnt the .toast file (158MB) as data to a DVD disk. -This resulted in the DVD disk having a .toast file first, then opening and then seeing Video_TS. The quality was not nearly as good as the original MOV. So, I want to make a DVD with the highest quality video that would also play on most all devices including normal DVD players. How would I accomplish this? Thank you very much.
  3. kankichi

    <4.7Gb Video File Uncompressed Burning

    Thank you so much for your response. I kind of figured it out. It's not really that I figured it out, as I figured out a work around this project is already finished so it is ok. Thanks again for your time. I really appreciate it!
  4. kankichi

    Blu Ray Disc Doesn't Play Smoothly..

    I work for a little filmmaking company and we made a film and want to make blu ray copied of it. Right now when we make a blu ray disc, it only plays smoothly in some machines. Unfortunately we do not have another blu ray movie to test out to see if there are any problems with the machines. A. On a windows using Windows Media Player it plays ok. B. On one Mac using VLC it doesn't load well as in it stops every couple seconds and loads and plays again... C. On a different Mac using a demo version of Bluray Player it played smoothly D. On a PS3 it plays but it is unbalanced. This one is very hard to explain. The sound is ok, but the video quality kind of keeps coming in and out and it kind of bounces back and forth so it's not smooth at all. I would obviously like it to play smoothly on all machines. What can I do to make it work? The following is the steps I followed to copy the blu ray. The entire process was done on a Mac running Snow Leppard 1. Final Cut Pro export to .mov of 240GB 2. Toast 10 Titanium with Blu ray plug in, we first made a .disc file of 21GB on the desktop with "Save to Disc." - Process too about 8hours. 3. Toast 10 Titanium - Copy Image File section, we dragged the .disc file and burnt it into a BD-R disc (Verbatim BD-R LTE disc) using an external drive (http://www.iodata.jp/product/storage/blu-ray/brd-uh8s/ sorry its in Japanese cause we are located in Japan) Process took about 1.5h. 4. Once the burning finished, we took it out and played it and saw problems with it. Can anyone help? Thank you very much.
  5. kankichi

    <4.7Gb Video File Uncompressed Burning

    Hi everyone. I have a 2.3GB .mov video file that I want to burn onto a normal 4.7GB DVD. When I load the video file into toast, my 2.3GB file says it will be compressed to 99MB. Which seems a little excessive doesn't it? lol How do I burn this file without it compressing at all? Thank you very much in advanced.