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    Cd Spin Dr

    I'm trying to install audio capture support so I can record intternet audio with CD Spin Dr. The installation seems to proceed OK until I get a failure notice. I assume I need this software so I can click on the "Start Audio Capture" button on my Import Audio into CD Spin Doctor window. At the moment it is a ghost button. Any suggestions? Thanks (Toast for Mac 10.0.9)
  2. kenc49

    Burning Blu Ray

    You are right. I'm a sad but wiser guy. Thanks for the info.
  3. kenc49

    Burning Blu Ray

  4. kenc49

    Burning Blu Ray

    Using Toast 10.0.9 on a Mac Intel with 10.6.8 OS USB Blu Ray drive: CT20N I've used this drive to burn CD-R and DVD-R. I'm trying to burn a BDMV file to a Ridata BD-R 25GB disc. After the disc scans for about a minute, it shows it to be a "CD-R", not a BD-R, even though I've set the disc type to BD-R When I click burn I get: "Disc reported an error Sense Key=illegal Request Sense code=0x24" I cancel the window and then get: "couldn't determine the free space" and "no media detected in the drive" How do I get the drive and BD disc to be recognized?