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    Roxio Game Capture Cd

    If he registered his capture card on the website you can recover it. All you have to do is sign in and go to my account. It will show your registered products, which would be the Roxio Gamecap, and to the right of it it has the CD Key.
  2. ChrisloriousHD

    I Need A Driver Download?

    Now that you know that I'm not lying could you actually try to help me out a little bit more? I don't have the sleeve for the disk anymore therefore I do not have the product key. I'm going to need some help with this. Edit: I found it. For future reference if anybody needs a CD key have them sign into the Roxio site. https://www.roxio.com/REGISTRATION/myaccount/default.aspx It shows the key beside of the registered product. http://screensnapr.com/v/3Krr91.png
  3. ChrisloriousHD

    I Need A Driver Download?

    http://screensnapr.com/v/GAzrnR.png http://screensnapr.com/v/lDvrr0.png http://screensnapr.com/v/7qQCAZ.png http://screensnapr.com/v/PXS1nZ.png There you have it. I found the disk. And look, I found the Amazon Invoice and manual for the capture device, along with my Roxio Creator Starter disk. Also, look at the hardware I have, and the picture of the disk with my forum name so you know I didn't take the pictures off a different website. Oh, and look at that mess in the floor and still boxes that need unpacked. How fishy is that story now? Thanks for being an *$$^%&!. You really need to learn more about computers before you call yourself a Guru because you wouldn't have found asking for drivers fishy at all and you would know that sometimes 32bit drivers are much more reliable even on a 64 bit system because they are often less buggy for certain devices. So fishy right? Jackass.
  4. ChrisloriousHD

    I Need A Driver Download?

    I would need both the 32 bit and 64 bit drivers because I have a 64 bit system but sometimes the 32 bit drivers work better for external hardware even on a 64 bit system as they are less buggy. Also why would I want to buy the software if I don't need the software. As for the Windows 7 install disk, I used one from work and my Windows 7 activation key is stickered on the laptop as with most computers. I don't know what smells fishy about asking for drivers... you apparently do not know very much about computers if you think that drivers are useful for anything else apart from making the computer recognize the device. I DON'T WANT THE SOFTWARE, JUST THE DRIVERS!
  5. ChrisloriousHD

    I Need A Driver Download?

    How do you not by the story? Who keeps a CD sitting out with their hardware. It was back with a bunch of other crap CDs I had while the hardware was wired to my TV and Xbox. I've moved twice, I have no idea where that disk is. I've searched through all of my boxes the past few days. So basically you are trying to say I'm attempting to steal the software without paying for it. I didn't ask for the software, I asked for the Drivers for the hardware. That is all I need. The drivers do not do anything but allow the hardware to work. If I don't actually have the hardware then having the drivers are completely useless. I don't know how you could be a "Digital Guru" without knowing this. I can't even fill out the information for the site the person posted above to download the drivers because I did not purchase the gamecap from their website. I purchased it from Amazon. All I need are the drivers, not the software.
  6. ChrisloriousHD

    I Need A Driver Download?

    Any capture software will work with the Roxio Game Capture... the issue is that I need the drivers for my computer to recognize it at all. I will be using VirtualDub to record if I can't get the software that normally comes with the Roxio Game Capture. The item is this. http://screensnapr.com/v/bNX78b.png Obviously, or I would not be posting in this section of the forums...
  7. ChrisloriousHD

    I Need A Driver Download?

    I cannot fill out the information from that website because I purchased the item from Amazon. Here is a snapshot of part of the order. http://screensnapr.com/v/Qhi9EP.png
  8. ChrisloriousHD

    I Need A Driver Download?

    I built a new computer in December and I wiped my hard drive on my laptop. I have a Roxio Game Cap (it's completely legit, you can check, it is registered to this account) but I cannot find the disk as I've moved twice since I purchased it. I need the drivers, both 32 bit and 64 bit so that I can start recording again. How will I be able to obtain them? I don't necessarily need the software as I can use something else, but the card is unusable without the drivers.