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    Bluray Audio Out Of Sync

    That was an excellent suggestion. Unfortunately, although the picture looks great, maybe even better than the previous resolution, the audio remains out of sync with the picture. I have been able to remedy the problem by adjusting "AV Sync" on my Sony Blu-Ray player. In that control panel, not shown in the manual as far as I could tell, a person can delay the audio track up to 120 milliseconds. I used the maximum setting and everything seemed to be in sync. From what I read on the internet such AV Sync problems are not uncommon even with commercial discs. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be one setting that works for all discs. Unfortunately, my disc is headed for a film festival. They may or may not be able to adjust AV Sync but they also may not have time to do this in the midst of all the films they're showing. Such a shame. The DVD version of the same QuickTime file is perfectly in sync. That's probably what we'll be showing. If you or anyone else has additional ideas to solve the core problem, audio-picture sync on a BluRay disc, please continue helping. Many thanks, Christopher B
  2. Christopher B

    Bluray Audio Out Of Sync

    Audio is 48 k. Sync problem seemed consistent.
  3. Christopher B

    Bluray Audio Out Of Sync

    Tsantee Thanks for the response. I can't check the settings you requested from Toast right now because I'm in the midst of burning a back-up DVD. Meanwhile here's some of my information. I exported a QuickTime movie from Final Cut 7 using a desktop Mac, OS 10.6.8. The movie was exported using the sequence settings: Aspect Ratio: HD 1440X1080. The Compressor was Apple ProRes 422 (HQ). I then dropped the QuickTime movie into Toast and hit the burn button for BluRay disc. DVDs seem to work without a problem. But I'm double-checking to make sure. DVDs take much less time to make than a BluRay (I'm making an hour-long documentary.) So I thought I'd make the DVD as a fallback position and to check the basic file, and then making the more time-consuming BluRay. I've been reading on other forums and postings that a lot of people experience out of sync with BluRay discs. Several people mention changing the settings or cabling with the BluRay player. Apparently one can adjust sync in some if not all of the players via one of the menus. This means the problem might not be Toast but the player. On the other hand, I made one BluRay directly from Final Cut using the Share function and three previously with Toast. They were all out of sync but the BluRays from Toast came the closest. If the player were at fault, I would have thought all the BluRays would have been out of sync by the same amount. So there's where we stand right now. I'm making a DVD and will start making a BluRay right after . . . of course with any help or guidance you can offer. Many thanks again, Christopher B
  4. Christopher B

    Bluray Audio Out Of Sync

    When I burn BluRay discs in Toast 10 for the Mac, they play back out of sync. A Toast 10 technician in an automated response recommended downloading and installing the DivX codec with no further instructions. Which left me confused about how DivX would interact and work with Toast 10. Can anyone shed any light on the question of the out of sync BluRay discs or what I'm supposed to do with DivX? Many thanks, Christopher B