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    I do wish I could get it to work. Little to late now for the purpose I purchased it for. I have tried this on 3 computers and get the same issues on all of them. When I am trying to add pictures or music to the slideshow a window pops up something about a script stopping but it flashes so quickly I can't read the entire thing. After finally being able to get all the pictures and music the way I want it, the burning process will not complete. It starts out fine but 50 to 60 % into the burning process the program stops responding and then I waste another cd. I can't get the entire slideshow to burn on the cd. Any ideas on why the program becomes unresponsive on all 3 computers?? I have no idea what I need to do to make the program more stable. Just frustrated as I have spent a week trying to make this work and it was very important to me to have the slideshow for my mothers viewing. It shouldn't be this difficult. I trusted the Roxio name. Why can't you reach technical support? If you are spending hard earned money for their product their should be a way to get a quicker resolution. I'm stuck with a program that I can't get to work...
  2. luvcountry

    Past Frustrated

    purchased from Staples. Staples says I have to go through Roxio and Roxio says I have to go through Staples. purchased program last Saturday and have worked on this ALL week...just wish it would work. i always trusted the Roxio name, that's why I went with the more expensive program...just frustrated since mothers viewing was this past Monday and I wanted this so badly.
  3. luvcountry

    Past Frustrated

    I purchased Roxio Creator 2012 program to create a slideshow of my mother who passed away last week. Was really important to me to be able to play a slideshow at the viewing....however....that didn't happen because the program will not work correctly. When trying to add pictures or music a script keeps stopping and hangs everything up. When I finally was able to get all the pictures and music assembled it was time to start the burning process. What a joke!!!! Roxio Sideshow is not responding is all I keep getting. Hence I have wasted about 15 CD's trying to complete this project. This is the worst program that I have wasted money on. The viewing is LONG over and still no slideshow that works. PITIFUL. The only thing I want to know is how do I return this no good program and get my money back????