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    Videowave Output Issues Roxio Nt2 Pro - Creating Black Frames

    Hi Walt, Can thoughts I my issue?
  2. MellyBellyProductions

    Videowave Output Issues Roxio Nt2 Pro - Creating Black Frames

    Hi Walt, Initially I was using the highest jpg resolution 8,000k each photo. I thought this might be the problem, I downsized the photos to about 600-800k each. Note: The way i downsize my photos is to save the tiff file as a jpg. I select the quality I want in adobe (1-10, where 10 is the highest and 1 the lowest) or a percentage in lightrom, where 100% is highest quality. I used photos from both Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. The project has about 80 jpgs in it. Not sure why the specific jpgs would be a problem. One of the tests I did was to remove some of the photos to see if that was the issue. As it turned out, if photo 5 and 8 was black framed, I removed them and then photos that displayed properly before now were black framed. Of the 5 shows in the project two of the 5 shows are being black framed. Does roxio publish what video cards they tested with. The previous version I had that worked flawlessly. Not sure of the version number but it was the highest version available before they came out with before the NXT release. Appreciate any help you can give me.
  3. Trying to create HD mp4 video out of photos in videowave. When I play back the output, there are black frames appearing. This mp4 contains pictures of 5 dance shows with an audio track for each. Dissolve transitions. Nothing fancy. No matter what I do, it keeps dropping photos and adds black frames. I've been working on this for about 40 hours. Please help. Long time user. Love your products! The hardware details: Dell XPS Desktop i7 quad core with 16 gb of memory. 1 TB hard drive with 300 gb of free drive space. NVDIA GEforce GX660 graphics card. 2Gb ddr5 memory. Windows 7 Thinking that maybe this is a video card issue, i swapped out this card for a low end amd radeon card. still same issue. I ensured the graphics driver is using the application settings. Output mp4 is around 300 mg Jpg pictures are medium resolution (output as 50% quality in lightroom) I tried all output formats with the same issue. I had one special effects (fire burning under one photo). I pulled this all out. However when I did have this special affect, it would linger on many of the photos in the video. I cleared all proxy cache. Tried almost everything. I monitor memory usage and don't see issues there. The mp4 output takes about 5 mintues to create. Normally I output to the system drive however I tried outputting the mp4 to my external USB drive (4TB) with same issue. I need to get this resolve asap. I would like to try my previous release prior to Roxio NXT however the upgrade uninstalled this release. Would it be possible to get a link for the previous release prior to nxt to see if this is a bug in the current software. I am under the gun to complete this project by the weekend. Appreciate any help I can get on this issue
  4. MellyBellyProductions

    Output Video

    Thanks. My project is already saved. Sounds like I can no longer output the project as wide screen. I have version 2012 pro.
  5. MellyBellyProductions

    Output Video

    I want to output my video in wide format (1440x1080) Data rate 24000kps 29frames/second. Movie make allows me output video in wide format.