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  1. im trying to delete the saved state in the BOT app, the problem is i only have one saved state, i think that's the reason why i cant delete it.. im trying to find the folder where the saved states are, but no luck but i saw this uninstall app in one of the folders of BOT, but im worried that if i uninstall it i might run to some problems.. what do you think? i already successfully deleted the saved states! my drive went to 117gb from 1gb! for those who have similar problems, try looking for "uninstallapp" it should be on program files->roxio->instant restore.. i didn't have any problems when i uninstalled it, although uninstalling it was quite a problem.. when i double click the uninstallapp, it does nothing, so when i double click it again, the laptop shows some words on blue background, and then restarts.. but when i tried to double click it, and give some time (about 30 mins) nothing still happens, so double click it again and it would restart again, but this time when you check your local drive, it should state that the space eaten by saved states, should be included in the Disk free space. so happy that i can finally use my laptop, without problem on the disk free space
  2. what can i do to free my disk space T_T