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  1. I am really grateful for your help in this (and sorry for the linefeeds) I have had some success in reducing the effect since I set the Render to "software" and changed the windows screen theme to "high contrast". The horizontals and verticals still shimmer and wave in the editor but it is a lot smoother after I have burned a DVD than it was before I made the changes. It is not quite right and I cannot understand why the view in Win Media Player is perfect. However the reason for my "panic" is that I purchased the new camcorder for a holiday in India and I leave tomorrow. I think that the best thing to do now is to take lots of video (the camera picture is great) and see what happens when I get back home and try Roxio again with the real video rather than test clips. My holiday means I will not be able to give any more information for 3 weeks. Thanks again and all the best. TonyJ
  2. Thanks for the response. My computer is a desktop with a AMD Athlon II 260 AM3 64 bit processor 3.6Gh with 4Gb memory. It runs Win 7 and has a Radeon Powercolour HD 5450 1GB graphics card. There are 2 hard drives each with 2/3 rds free space. I have tried all resolutions of HD that are on the camera and get the same effect each time. I have tried converting the files to Mpeg and avi with no sucess. I will try other conversions. I am sure that the problem has something to do with the resolution of the image as with the software supplied by Panasonic, the editing view exhibits the same "shimmer and wave" but when in "Play" mode and when it writes to DVD the effect has gone.
  3. I have used creator 11 for a year to edit and write dvd's from a Sony mini DVD camcorder and like the package very much. I now have a Panasonic SD90 creating AVCHD video. I have taken short test shots and find that when imported into Videowave any vertical or horizontal lines such as door and window frames shimmer and undulate as the camera pans. This is so apparent that the shot is unusable. I tried burning a standard DVD (Ido not use Blue ray)in case the effect was only in the editing view but it did show just as much. The peculiar thing is that if I open and run the clips through Windows Media Player they play fine and do not exhibit the phenomena. I have a Panasonic software for editing that came with the camcorder. If I import the same test clips they show a similar effect as Roxio when I am in the edit mode but the effect disappears when I use the same clips in Playback Mode and also when I burn onto DVD they play without any problem. I have a Win7 Pc with 4Mb ram. Any thoughts on what to do? Roxio support suggested switching Render to Software which I did but it made no difference.