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  1. So what do you have at 5:01:21 that is causing the program to crash? When I create a project, I always do it in segments ,never a full blown project that is 10 minutes or longer. I add an item or two (video,audio, transition, etc) and to a test render before adding more. That way I can immediately see what is causing the problem. Smaller segments that have rendered without problems, can easily be "merged" for the final product. Also using videos from different devices often cause problems since they may have different properties (such as variable frame rates, etc) whci the program may not accept. This problem exists for other video programs as well. I don't understand what Photo Edit is supposed to do
  2. No idea what your problem is since you have not supplied any useful information. How about telling us what you are doing, something about your project, at what point does the error occur, etc?
  3. bimicher

    UHD 4K encoding/authoring/burning

    This is a users forum not Roxio. You will have to direct your request directly to Roxio
  4. All videos to be burned to a video DVD have to be converted to mpg format ( appear 1 1GB vob files on the DVD) no matter which program you use. This fact has been known for 20 years and does not require any reviwes or packaging.. If your TV can play videos on a USB then simply copy the mp4 video to the USB and play it directly on the TV. Very few people still burn video DVDs
  5. bimicher

    Chroma key and tracks

    Can you supply the link to the video you are working with?
  6. bimicher

    Choppy video

    For you information this is not Roxio but only a group of Roxio users trying to help each other. What format is the video you created with Adobe? What is CC? You are really not giving any information in order to help you
  7. bimicher

    Choppy video

    If you used Adobe to create your video why don't you use it to burn it to disc? Converting HD (1920x1080) video to a DVD (720x480) will give you poor quality
  8. bimicher

    Choppy video

    Before anyone can start to help you, you will have to tell us what program you are using. Your post can then be moved to the correct forum where you will be helped
  9. bimicher

    Convert .gi file to MP4?

    That .gi file is not a video file but an image file ( possibly of a DVD) and thus cannot be played by any video player. If it was created in V5 or V6 then you should be able to burn it directly to a DVD using V5 or V6 pr V7 or V8. Another program that can burn to CD or DVD is Imgburn. Google for ".gi" or Imgburn for more information
  10. bimicher

    Reinstall Roxio Creator NXT 8?

    So what is stopping you? How about some information on your problem?
  11. bimicher

    Roxio Photo Show In Windows 10

    Do you have a question? PhotoSHow is effectively dead and no longer supported
  12. bimicher

    Creating two chapters in a DVD

    A standard video can only contain about 60 minutes of best quality video. You have not described what procedure you doing. If you are adding two videos you are creating a DVD with 2 titles not chapters. Each title can sun-divided into chapters.
  13. Not much information in your post. What kind of camera: photo, video, analog, digital? How is your camera connected to the computer.? If a digital camera there is no "capture" but simply a copy from camera to computer using Windows explorer.
  14. bimicher

    Stagger Lee's post

    You have supplied no information at all. What program are you using, what capture device, how are you connected, etc?
  15. bimicher

    How to use

    The number of videos you can burn to a DVD is basically irrelevant. It is the total amount of time of those videos that is important. Assuming you want the best quality for your video, then you can only burn about 60 minutes of video to a DVD. You are not giving much information on your project. Exactly what process are you doing when you create the DVD? Are you creating a menu? I don't think you were able to burn 9 videos (each 20 minute long) to a DVD using Creator 10 unless you chose the lowest quality video.