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  1. bimicher

    Help Me Setting Up The Ps3

    For PS3 you have to use component cables for the input to the Roxio device. For the output from the device you can use either the HDMI or the component cables. This is explained clearly in the setup guide.
  2. bimicher

    Help Me Setting Up The Ps3

    Did you download the Quick Start Setup guide from the link I posted as well as the tutorial? It is different from "your" manual
  3. bimicher

    Help Me Setting Up The Ps3

    The cables that you show are not component cables but composite cables. As the manual says, you need the Red, Blue and Green component cables which are not supplied with the package. RCA audio cables are the the standard red & white audio cables. Have you downloaded the tutorial video on installing for PS3? You can also download the setup guide from that site That error message you show means you have tried to start a 2nd instance of the program
  4. bimicher

    Tracking On Dvd Not Good

    I don't know what you mean by "tracking on DVD" since tracking of course is a function of your VCR and cannot be controlled by the software. Please explain exactly what is happening, what you are seeing and the process you are doing.
  5. bimicher

    Mp3S Won't Load Onto Burn File

    You will have to supply a bit more information then just "will not allow me". Exactly what are you doing, any error messages,etc?
  6. bimicher

    Is There A Total Time Limit For A Single Track ?

    Sound Editor is just one of the programs of Roxio Creator. What is the full name of the Roxio program you are using. Your post can then be moved to correct Roxio forum.
  7. bimicher

    Query On Optimizing Video Quality

    An iso file is not a video file, it is basically just an "image file" of what is on the DVD and therefore is the same quality. The quality of the DVD video depends on the time length of the video you are trying to burn to the DVD. A standard 4.7GB DVD can only hold 60 minutes of best quality video and would have bitrate of around 8000kbps. A bitrate of 6000kbps would indicate more compressed video and hence lower quality
  8. bimicher

    Need The Software

    What does "cd does not work" mean? What happens, what error message?
  9. I would not rely on the DL DVDs to work all the time. Splitting the video over 2 DVDs is a much better option. Do you really need to create DVDs? After all DVDs and DVD players are slowly disappearing. Many computers no longer have DVD burners included. Live streaming/external hard drives, etc offer other options to burning DVDs
  10. Nothing gets written to the DVD untill all the rendering is completed. How long do you wait athe freeze point? You are trying to compress 90 minutes of video onto a DVD that will only hold 60 minutes of best quality video. Auto-fit does a horrible job of doing this and creates all sorts of problems. You could try "spanning across multiple discs" and retain the high quality Are you running the updated to W10 version of the program?
  11. The poster is capturing from digital tape not VHS. Would that make any difference?
  12. bimicher

    100 Gb Blu-Ray Discs

    What are you trying to create? A video BD or a data BD? A menu is only for video. Why are you using such large capacity BDs? If you want to archive data then a USB stick or a portable hard disc would be a much better option. THe disc media is slowly disappearing and many stores do even carry BluRay discs anymore.
  13. Don't you think it would help if your were to supply some more information on your problem. At the moment there is nothing at all in your post to offer any help. We don't even know what program you are using, what windows, etc Once you tell us what program you are using, your post can be moved to the correct forum
  14. MediaInfo gives these frame parameters. Variable frame rates may be the problem Frame rate mode : Variable Frame rate : 60.000 fps Minimum frame rate : 58.824 fps Maximum frame rate : 62.500 fps
  15. Can you tell us what software (complete name please) you are using?
  16. bimicher

    Roxio Creator 2012 Pro

    No, the captions are hard coded into the video on the DVD. Did you delete or not save the project file? What program do your actually have? You posted in the PhotoSHow forum but have Roxio Creator 2012 in your subject title. They are two different programs
  17. bimicher

    Is Photo Show Now Working?

    That error message has been around for several years and it will not be fixed it seems.
  18. bimicher


    Turn off the highlighting! No idea what you are talking about. Please describe your problem in meaningful sentences.
  19. bimicher

    Rendering Video Stops At 99%

    You will have to tell us a lot more about your project before we can offer any help. What are your source files, what format is your output? Why are you using "normalize audio"? Where does it tell you to use "normalize"?
  20. bimicher

    Dvd Does Not Work On Dvd Player

    This is the wrong forum for you question. Please post exactly what program you are using so that your post can be moved to the correct toast forum. Simply burning a mov file to a DVD does not create a DVD that will play on a DVD player. A DVD has to be "authoured" by the program in order become a proper video DVD. Somebody moved your post. If this is thecorrect forum I don't know but at least it is in Mac section of the forums
  21. bimicher

    Make Dvd Autorun?

    How long in time is the video on the DVD? Can you list the folder/files on the DVD?
  22. bimicher

    Make Dvd Autorun?

    Put the DVD in the player and show the screenshot as Brendon requested Does the DVD play at all, ignoring the AutoPlay for the moment?
  23. bimicher

    Burn Dvd From Roxio Videowave

    The method shown in that youTube video is the only way in NXT 5 to createa DVD without a menu. The myDVD in NXT 5 is useless when you want to do any custom menus etc. Now as to quality of the DVD. I have no idea what quality your selected for your DVD. First of all if your source videos are HiDef (mts, mp4, etc) then the quality on the DVD will be quite a bit lower, after all the video on the DVD is "standard" 720x480 video. Also file size of your source videos is basically irrelevant, it is the time length of the video that matters. A standard 4.7GB DVD can only hold 60 minutes of video. Any longer the bit rate has to be reduced and you lose quality. If you can re-install C2012 then that is what I would do
  24. bimicher

    Not Recording Full Video

    PLease tell us what program you are using so that your post can be moved to the correct forum
  25. bimicher

    Make Dvd Autorun?

    Autorun is also a function of your DVD player