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  1. bimicher

    Export Only Selected Clips From A Project?

    So where did you get those 48 clips? Are they individual video files? Please give us some useful information
  2. How long in time is that video? You may not be able to put both mpg and mp4 on the same DVD because of size limitations. Why not simply put it one separate DVDs?
  3. MontrealBoy has the dmsd file not the dmsm file.
  4. bimicher

    Are These Pc Specs Acceptable?

    THat 50GB free space may also be a problem.
  5. Unfortunately Roxio has scrapped the myDVD from pre-NXT 4 versions and replaced it the much inferior myDVD in NXT 4&5. Your old dmsd projects will not be recognized by the "new" myDVD. You will have to start over or revert back to the version that created the dmsd project files. What was your previous version?
  6. bimicher

    Tough Fix Lagging Problems, Please Help.

    You are over two years late with your solution
  7. bimicher

    Fatal Encoding Error

    First of all to switch between Magic Mode and Advanced Mode you simply click on the Magic or Advanced button. Your pictures show you are running in the Advanced Mode. Are you using a standard DVD (4.7GB) or are you using DL DVDs (~8GB). Your images show you using over 8GB of disc space which of course would never fit on a standard DVD
  8. If it worked before and now suddenly doesn't then something has changed in your system. What updates,etc have you done to your system?
  9. bimicher

    Nxt Silver 6 Crashes When Finalizing A Disc

    There is no Roxio Creator NXT 6. You have Roxio Creator Silver NXT 6 which is a Roxio Enterprise (Busines) package and is sold under volume licensing. You have to contact contact the Roxio Business Sales Team at vlp@roxio.com or 1-877-682-6735. for help
  10. bimicher

    Play .iso File

    What do you mean by "awkward"?
  11. bimicher

    Getting Shaky Video After Capture

    Is the video shaky when you play it with Windows Media Player or VLC?
  12. bimicher

    How To Save A Project In Nxt5

    If you are working on a NXT 5 slideshow project then dmss is the correct extension for the project file. I believe rox files are data project files and have nothing to do with slideshow or video projects. I think that the rox extension is not even used anymore and has been replaced by the rcl extension for data projects.
  13. bimicher

    Videowave Constantly Crashes

    You will have to supply a lot more information then just saying "videowave constantly crashes". Some information on your computer/system, your project - source files size,format, etc? What kind of edits are you making?
  14. bimicher

    Extract Audio From Video

    I would not use the Music Disc Creator to extract audio from a DVD but prefer to use Videowave. In Videowave, add the Video_TS folder and then right-click the video in the timeline to bring up the drop-down menu from which you select "extract audio". This allows you to create an audio file which you can play to see if it is good. You can also copy the Video_TS folder from the DVD to your hard drive and then use that folder for extraction. You then don't need the DVD anymore.
  15. bimicher

    Extract Audio From Video

    I have no problem extracting the audio from a video clip with NXT 3. Does the audio play when you play the clip in Videowave? Describe step-by-step your process
  16. We know all about the black side bars when you use 4;3 video in a 16:9 project. What you seemed to imply in your post #7 is that the 4:3 video was "expanded" correctly to fill the screen in the 16:9 mode, which of course is not possible without distortion or cropping. There really is no need to use 3rd party software to create that since Roxio does it.
  17. bimicher

    How Do You Make Chapters

    The Creators previous to NXT 4 do not have the inferior myDVD now being included with NXT 4 and NXT 5. A big step backwards.
  18. bimicher

    How Do You Make Chapters

    I am assuming that you are using the myDVD from NXT 4. From the myDVD UserGuide: To add chapters to a video 1In the Tree Mode workspace of Advanced Mode, click the thumbnail of the video to which you want to add chapters. 2Click the menu button in the upper-right corner of the placeholder and choose Add Chapters. 3In the Edit Chapters dialog box, do one of the following: • Below the video preview, drag the scrubber along the time bar or use the playback controls to set the chapter position, and click Add chapter here. • In the Automatically create chapters area, set time intervals for chapters by entering values for the minutes (Min) and seconds (Sec), and click Go. The chapter points and thumbnails are added to the chapter list on the right side of the dialog box. 4Click OK to return to the Tree Mode and review the new Chapter Menu.
  19. bimicher

    Easy Vsh To Dvd 3

    No finalization is required when a video DVD is created - that is done automatically by the program. Do you get any error message from your DVD player? "why cant i play the burned dvd" does not tell us very much. How about describing your project? How did you capture and from what? How long in time is the video you captured and are burning to DVD? Did you burn directly to DVD while capturing (not recommended) or did you use the "capture, Edit, Burn" method?
  20. The CCD-TRV67 is an analog camcorder and the DCR-HC26 is a digital camcorder. The first requires the VHS2DVD 3 capture device which includes the required cables. The other camcorder is a digital device and requires the Firewire connection. I have recorded from both analog and digital camcorders. There is no "plug it in and go" device for these type of camcorders. You need the proper software and hardware.
  21. All the cables and capture device for transfer from the CCD-TRC67 analog camcorder are included with the VHS2DVD 3 package. For the DCR-HC26, your should be using a Firewire connection to transfer from the digital camcorder to your PC
  22. bimicher

    Nxt4 Transitions

    NXT 4 has the same or more transitions than NXT ... if you installed the Contents. NXT 4 of course is inferior to NXT since it no longer contains the myDVD we were used to. The new "myDVD" is basically useless unless you want a very simple menu and do not want to make any editing, etc
  23. bimicher

    Nxt4 Transitions

    The problem is that EMC 10 may eventually break when running in W10
  24. bimicher

    Help Me Setting Up The Ps3

    For PS3 you have to use component cables for the input to the Roxio device. For the output from the device you can use either the HDMI or the component cables. This is explained clearly in the setup guide.