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  1. bimicher

    Trim video in Videowave

    Create two split points: one at the beginning of the segment to be deleted and one at the end. Then simply select the segment to be deleted and hit delete. Trimming only applies to the beginning or end of a clip. It cannot be applied to INSIDE OF THE VIDEO
  2. bimicher

    Features on Creator NXT6

    Did you try Irfanview in the batch mode? To me it would be the easier solution then fooling around with gif files.
  3. bimicher

    Features on Creator NXT6

    Remember, always make a backup of all the files first before doing any changes. Before doing all files in one go, I would recommend doing a test conversion with a few files first
  4. bimicher

    Features on Creator NXT6

    Irfanview can do batch processing, ie. you could convert all 200 pics in one folder in one go. Once you have downloaded and installed Irfanview, use the Help option to search for "Batch Conversion" to learn how to do the batch conversion. BTW, when you say " I have a file that contains multiple pics e.g. 200 ", your "file" reference should actually say "folder" or "directory". A "folder" is not a "file" but does contains a number of files. In this case it would be 200 photo files.
  5. bimicher

    roxie cd and dvd burner

    I gave no idea what your post is about. How about some information such as what are you trying to do, what software are you using, etc? Or are you asking "how to attach a file to your post"?
  6. Look under Products at the top of the screen
  7. I don't think anyone here has the NXT 7 Platinum (a commercial version) so we don't know what is all included. You would be best to ask Roxio direct
  8. bimicher

    Features on Creator NXT6

    Could you upload a problem file to a website such as GoogleDrive or DriveOne from where we can download it and have a look at it?
  9. bimicher

    Features on Creator NXT6

    I think Windows Explorer has been replaced by something called File Explorer in Windows 10. I don't use W10 so I don't know how that functions. You should be able to use it to copy any photo files from your camera to any directory on your system not just the directory that W10 uses by default. I have no idea whether your Windows Picture does any modification of the Exif metadata when it transfers the files from the camera to the hard drive. The Exif version number is set by the software in your camera. I have pictures with version 220 that were taken over 10 years ago and also have pictures with version 230 that were taken with a 2 year old camera. Roxio Creator NXT 6 has no problem opening pictures with either version. Are you doing any editing/modification of the pictures before loading them into Roxio? Exactly what version of NXT 6 do you have. Look at Help/About and it should give you that info
  10. bimicher

    Features on Creator NXT6

    Why are you "sending" the photos from the S7 to "Windows Pictures"? Why not simply copy from the S7 to your computer using Windows Explorer? Then load those files into Roxio and see if they still give the problem Unfortunately your images do not show any properties information. Selecting the "Details" tab show a lot more info. Upgrading to NXT 7 will not solve your problem. In fact there is very little new in NXT 7 compared to NXT 6
  11. bimicher

    Features on Creator NXT6

    This is not Roxio support so the serial numbers tells us nothing. If you bought the NXT 6 as a separate program (and The Micro |Center installed it for you) then it should be the full retail version. Did you get a disc when you bought it? I think Brendon has identified the problem though. I know that certain photo editing programs do "corrupt" the Exif meta-data for the photo files.
  12. bimicher

    Features on Creator NXT6

    If NXT 6 came pre-installed on your computer, then it may well be a limited version of the full program and will have several features/options missing or disabled. What version of Roxio did you use previously and what is a full purchased version? Do you get any error messages when trying to load the pictures? Are the pictures identical in specs/properties?
  13. No problem using NXT 6 on W8.1 Static noise when using NXT 6 on a W7 system.
  14. bimicher

    Long Running Script AND Flash Player Problem

    PhotoShow is effectively an "orphan" program. There is no customer support to speak of and there have been no updates for years. Roxio will take you money and that is it. You would be best off looking for better programs such as Roxio Creator or Corel VideoStudio which includes a program (FastFlick) which is similar to PhotoSHow
  15. bimicher

    Roxio burn disc viewer

    Does the customer ever use the Roxio Creator Starter? Have you tried to disable or uninstall the Burn viewer program? The Starter program is very old and basically useless since it has many features missing or crippled. Perhaps the customer should just uninstall the whole program and get a "proper" version. As far as I know that Starter program was unique to Dell and only came with the Dell computer and was never available as a download.
  16. bimicher

    Distorted audio - static

    Sorry, I misread the time Yes, a short clip with the same camera would be fine. You should of course test to see if you get the distortion before uploading. The properties you list, are they of the unaltered mp4 or of the rendered video (via Videowave)
  17. bimicher

    Distorted audio - static

    According to the properties, that unaltered mp4 is only about 1 minute long. Would it be possible for you to upload that unaltered video to a site such as dropbox or googledrive from which we could download it and try to duplicate your problem?
  18. bimicher

    Distorted audio - static

    Do you get the same static when you use mp4 from another source. I assume you don't get the static when you play the video outside of Roxio.
  19. bimicher

    Roxio Hd Pro Green No Signal

    Dont post to 2 year thread but instead start a new thread and give some information (what software, etc) so that someone can help
  20. Do a google search on " how to install software on a laptop without cd drive ". It will give you several methods Do you want to create DVDs? Then you will of course need a drive
  21. bimicher

    DVD play back issue

    Do any other DVDs play in the problem BlueRay player? Seems to me that if the DVD plays in all the other players, the the BlueRay player is the problem. Obviously the software and the burner are all working correctly
  22. Why are you even using VHS2DVD for "Capturing" from a DVD? Simply use Windows Explorer to copy from the DVD to your hard drive!
  23. bimicher

    saving in videowave

    The final format depends on the format of your original source files. There is not much point in creating a higher format than your source format since sometimes the quality is actually reduced. I don't create videos for youTube so I can't help you there. You should check with youTube to see what formats are acceptable. In any case, yould render all your clips to the format you finally decide on
  24. bimicher

    VideoWave crashes

    Well, it appears that you still have your childish attitude that you you displayed so well in August 2014. You said "Goodbye & Good Luck". Maybe you should keep that promise
  25. bimicher

    saving in videowave

    Why would you need to export a dozen times? You render each project once to the export file. In the final project you simple add each exported video and merge them into the final video. It is not time consuming at all but is the preferred method especially for larger projects