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  1. bimicher

    computer crashing

    Did you ever do a google search on the "APC INDEX MISMATCH" error message? It certainly happens often since the search shows 260,000 search results
  2. bimicher

    DVD burning problem

    That error message indicates a problem with PAL vs NTSC. Are you sure your DVD is in PAL format? Another possibility is an incorrect region setting when burning but that should always be automatically set to Region 0 when burning from Roxio. Perhaps you could do a google search on " Incompatible TV setting" and something there might help you.
  3. bimicher

    DVD burning problem

    Does it play in the computer DVD player? Is there any error message on your stand alone DVD player?
  4. A complete description of your hookup would help. Are you running off battery or AC?
  5. What are you trying to create? If you are not going to do any video editing there is no need to open Videowave at all. If all you want to do is create a DVD or BlueRay disc then simply launch "Create DVDs" from the Creator home page. Perhaps you could describe in some detail what steps you are taking.
  6. You have been told repeatedly that the Dynex has no output plugs to connect to your VHS2DVD and so it cannot be used.
  7. myDVD does not show *.ts files in its supported file formats but if you change the ts extension to mts it should work. To see the Open File Dialog box in myDVD you 1-switch to Advanced Mode 2-click on the small icon in the upper right corner of the "Drag your content" here thumbnail 3-select Add Title from the drop-down menu 4-you should now see the list of supported formats but why are you converting mp4 files to ts since myDVD supports mp4 files?
  8. Obviously it is not going to work since that TV has no output jacks
  9. There are no output ports on that Dynex TV that I can see. They all seem to be Input ports
  10. Contact Roxio support. This is only a users forum
  11. bimicher

    Multi-camera editing in Videowave

    Here is a link to the MultiCamera tutorial which covers saving a multicamera project
  12. So do you still have a question or are you finished here?
  13. bimicher

    MP4 camera

    The problem is not the merging, the problem is the rendering from HD video to DVD compliant video.
  14. bimicher

    MP4 camera

    It is going to take some time to do what you want and that has nothing to do with merging the individual clips. You are converting the HD mp4 or mts clips to mpg (DVD compliant format) and that will take a long time. Also adding chapter points, menus,etc will also increase rendering times. In my opinion that camcorder is overkill for what you want to do which is create DVDs
  15. bimicher

    MP4 camera

    If the camcorder records to individual clips (no matter what format), then those clips will have to be "merged" to a single clip if that is what you want. This can be done easily with Roxio. Roxio of course can also extract the "sermon" from any video file. It is not really clear from your post what you are trying to do.
  16. bimicher

    Mydvd remembers a past project

    Brendon is not talking about the users dmsd projects but the dmsd project files that are part of the myDVD program files. These you should of course not delete.
  17. bimicher

    Images don't get burned to DVD

    Are you using the OnLine version or the desktop version? If the desktop version can you create a video file using the Export Video option?
  18. bimicher

    Images don't get burned to DVD

    Do you have the Premium Account and is it still active? Many of us had big problems with Roxio PhotoShow and since Roxio seems to offer almost no support for it, some of us have given up on it.
  19. bimicher

    Images don't get burned to DVD

    What program are you using? You posted in the Roxio PhotoShow forum but state you are using Roxio 6 . Those may be two completely different programs.
  20. If you have the serial key then you should be able to install it from CD and run it. In general I don't trust software downloaded from eBay or similar sites.
  21. bimicher

    Crash problem

    C2012 is probably the best Roxio Creator version issued. Without telling us what your actual problems are, it would be pointless to recommend anything. Please give some details about your project, source files, etc.
  22. bimicher

    Simply won't open!

    Not quite clear on what happens. Does the "timer" appear as soon as you click "add photo/video" (the selection folder does not appear) or you select a photo/video and then the timer appears?
  23. bimicher

    MyDVD & VideoWave 15 Hang Error

    I am not quite clear on what you are trying to create - a DVD or a BLue Ray disc? If a DVD why are you fooling around with a "BlueRay option? If a DVD then you will never get 2.35 hours of video on a DVD and have any watchable video. A standard DVD can only hold 60 minutes of best quality video. When you talk about chapters are you talking about Titles or chapters within Titles. Chapters and Titles mean two completely different things in Roxio (and video jargon in general) What are you trying to do when you are "editing chapters"? Moving chapters around on sub-menus is sure to create problems.
  24. bimicher

    Roxio Creator 2011

    So have you searched your system for the dmsm file? Unless you deleted (have you checked the Recycle Bin) it it should still be somewhere in your system. I would never create a single project containing 800 photos, etc. I would break it up into smaller sub-projects which can later be merged into the final project. Working with smaller projects makes editing a lot easier and faster.
  25. I hope you are not burning to a DVD each time! Most of us first "burn" to a Video_TS folder or to an iso (image) file. If the burn is successful, they can be played with a software player like VLC. If you are happy then you can burn folder set or iso file to a DVD. This avoids creating a lot of DVD coasters. Is your final project only 28 minutes in length? If yes, why do you have 15 chapters? That would be less then 2 minutes between chapters.