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    Mydvd Only Puts 1 Clip At A Time

    Adding 5 28 min clips to a DVD will more then fill the DVD. At best quality you can only add 60 minutes of video to a DVD. You can get more on a DVD by lowering the quality. Another way is to first burn to an ISO image file and then use DiscCopier to burn the iso file to a DVD. But putting over 2 hours of video ona single DVD will result in poor quality.
  2. bimicher

    Audio Sync Problem

    greatdanemusic: Why does this not work? What 4GB file size problem are you referring to?
  3. bimicher

    Pan And Zoom Edit "preview" Screen Gone

    I have all my source files (photos, video & audio) stored on an external drive and have not problems editing/viewing/burning my projects.
  4. bimicher

    Emc8 Slideshows

    As far as I know myDVD Slideshow also creates the slideshow in a movie on the DVD. Just look at the Video_TS folder on the DVD, it contains the vob files of the slideshow movie. The jpg pictures are simply archived to the DVD, I don't think they are used at all when you show the slideshow. You can copy the vob file from the DVD to your computer, rename to mpg and play them with WMP. I believe EMC8 behaves the same way.
  5. bimicher

    Emc8 Video Editing Review

    The best EMC 8 component to use for creating/editing videos is Videowave. You can then load your Videowave productions into myDVD for creating menus and burning to DVD. Unless you are creating very basic videos avoid any of the so called wizards.
  6. bimicher

    Two Mpeg Videos

    What happens if you reverse the order of the videos?
  7. bimicher

    Emc 8 - Mydvd - Encoding Freezes 43% In The Menu

    Until you successfully create the iso file there really is not much point in worrying about burning to a DVD. As James has suggested, it seems there is something wrong with the video at the failure point. Can you use Videowave to Output to DVD mpeg file? That might pinpoint the problem. If your video card memory is only 32MB that could also be a problem. How much free space do you have on that 60GB hard drive?
  8. It could also be the firewire cable. Is there a gap on the DV tape where the hangup occurs? I know that can hang the capture.
  9. bimicher

    From Spain, Problems With Videowave 8

    Please list your computer specifications, especially video card.
  10. As a test you could use Windows Movie Maker to capture from the camera. That could tell you if there is something wrong with your setup. What is the model of your Sone camera?
  11. bimicher

    S-vcd Without Menu?

    You are propably not getting a response because very few people useSVCD.
  12. bimicher

    "new Toys" 39 Megapixel Digital Camera

    Enjoy! Its 23:45 EST (Thursday) here, just finishing my last beer for the day!
  13. Glad you were able to update and its working for you. If you run into any other problems, don't hesitate to ask. Somebody here might have a solution
  14. We need a bit more info. What are your computer specs? What do you mean by "it just stops"? Do you get any message?
  15. Since all 8 DVDs play fine on your computer then there is propably nothing wrong with your burn or production. There may be some incompatibility between the media make you are using and your DVD player. Are all the DVDs from the same batch? Have you tried a different make of DVD? You could also try playing the DVDs on a another player.
  16. bimicher

    Transcoding Error - Dvd Builder

    More info please! What are your source files? How long in time is your production? Have you assembled/edited your production in Videowave and then loaded it into DVD Builder? This is the recommended method and best for debugging your production. Also list your computer specs, especially video card.
  17. bimicher

    "new Toys" 39 Megapixel Digital Camera

    If you put some wine (beer) at the end of the scroll ... I'll scroll anywhere!
  18. bimicher

    Transfer Vcr Tape To Dvd

    If you are putting 2 full two hours on a DVD then you will lose a lot of quality especially since you are using analog VHS. You would be better off to split the video into 2 hours segments. A DVD can only contain 60 minutes of best quality video. Anything longer will require more compression and result in loss of quality. To what format are you capturing the video from your tape? Capturing to avi will give better quality then to mpeg but creates very large files.
  19. bimicher

    What Is Cpshelprunner.exe?

    CPSHelprunner.exe is launched by both EMC 7.5 and EMC 8. As soon as I quit EMC, the programs also terminates. If you rename it and launch EMC 7.5, the Windows Installer pops up and tries to install(repair?).
  20. If you saved your production then you should be able to search for files with the extension dmsm for Videowave projects and dmsd for DVD Builder projects. 10GB of free space is definitely low especially if it is fragmented.
  21. I don't believe that option is available in EMC 7.0, it was added in 7.1 or 7.5
  22. bimicher

    Dvd Menu Using .avi Files

    I think DivX players are becoming more popular. A quick search on VCDhelp.com listed over 800 DVD players that are DivX capable.
  23. bimicher

    Double Pictures In Slideshow

    As grandpabruce said in his post, your on-board video card is the problem. I have the same Intel chip on my board and have installed another Video Card and everything works. Updating the drivers and installing DirectX 9c is not enough, since the chip is not compatible with some of the DirectX 9c functions, especially 3D related.
  24. bimicher

    Audio Loop

    What kind of file are you actually adding? I am not familiar with wmp files?
  25. bimicher

    Burn Image To Disk?

    Good luck and let us know what happens. BTW, get a HD with a capacity as large as you can afford!