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  1. bimicher

    Burn Image To Disk?

    Good luck and let us know what happens. BTW, get a HD with a capacity as large as you can afford!
  2. Since your EMC 7 came bundled with your DVD burner it is most likely only a partial version and does not include all components and therefore cannot be updated. You should get in touch with Lacie for more information about the software.
  3. bimicher

    Burn Image To Disk?

    Only 1 GB free on the C: drive? No wonder you are having problems! Larger internal drives would certainly be in order especially if you are trying to do any video work. The external drive is fine for temp space and storing video source files but EMC still requires lots of space for intermediate/temp files on the C: drive.
  4. bimicher

    Blending Audios In Mydvd Timeline

    Have you tried to do what Patty suggested to add the different audio clips on the different audio tracks in VideoWave? Its easy to overlap audio clips and do the fade out/in there. You of course have to have a video clip that is at least as long as the length of the overlapped audio clips. I don't quite follow your explanation. For example, what do you mean by "adding the .mp3 as a sound effect vs using separate."?
  5. bimicher

    Burn Image To Disk?

    Where did the image file come from you are trying to burn? What are your computer specs? what is your burner make/model? what kind of DVD media are you using?
  6. bimicher

    Photo Transfer From 7.5 To 8

    You do not install EMC 8 over EMC 7.5. You either un-install 7.5 or install 8 in addition to 7.5. I don't understand what you mean by "...my photos would be in my new program. Not so... How do I transfer the photos over?" Your photos are not part of EMC 7.5 or EMC 8.
  7. I doubt very much it is a bug. Plug & Burn is not a very good way to make a DVD of your DV video from the camcorder. Even though you may have a very fast computer a whole lot of other things also come into play. Are you running any other apllications, anti-virus checking etc. at the same time. These can all effect the final result. When using Plug & Burn, the program, I believe, captures the video, encodes it for DVD and burns it. When there is motion, a lot of encoding has to be done and I am sure you lose a lot of quality at that point. I always first capture to my hard drive in avi format and then burn to iso file. Only then do I use Disc Copier to finally burn to a DVD. This I believe will give you the best quality.
  8. bimicher

    Update 8.05 Does Not Work!

    You don't really expect ver 8 files to be compatible in ver 7? I don't understand how you can look at dat files created in ver 8 with ver 7 since that version does not use them. With ver 7, all information is contained in the Videowave dmsm project files. Ver 7 dmsm files though should have been useable in ver 8, in only very few cases I have been able a to load them into ver 8. I have also gone back to ver 7.5 to complete any project I started. New projects though I will do in ver 8 since I have no problems running ver 8.
  9. bimicher

    File Order On Disc

    Naming files according to dates means nothing to Windows - its just another alphanumeric string which it sorts according to its alphanumeric sorting rules.
  10. bimicher


    There is no charge if you have installation problems. Do as Bruce suggested and call them directly.
  11. bimicher

    What Is Cpshelprunner.exe?

    It is not a virus. At least for EMC 7.5 it is found in folder \Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\SharedCom Also if you look in the details tab of the About option it is also listed there. When I start Photosuite it gets loaded and disappears again when I exit Photosuite. What it does in EMC 8 I can't tell at the moment since I don't have it installed currently.
  12. bimicher

    What Is Cpshelprunner.exe?

    I believe this is part of the Roxio PhotoSuite help application. It gets loaded when you launch PhotoSuite and should disappear when you close Photosuite
  13. bimicher

    Error While Encoding Intro/or Movie

    Did you try to create the ISO file instead of burning to DVD? Saving the images to your hard drive is not the same thing
  14. milspece6, since you did not post the problem you are having, nobody on these boards can help you. If you are having installation problems a call to Roxio will most likely not cost you anything.
  15. bimicher

    Transitions Problem

    Try the solution suggested in this post since it seems that your MediaManager file has become corrupt http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...&st=entry2669
  16. You left out one of the most important specs: what is your video card? Since its a Dell computer your may have a on-board video card which in most cases cannot handle the video requirements of EMC 8, especially the DirectX features. Dropped frames are usually software related and depend on what hardware you are using to capture
  17. bimicher

    Dvdbuilder 7 & Videowave 7

    Frank, so far I have not yet frozen "my you know what off"! It's been relatively mild so far, temps mostly just below 0C in the day time and only -15 C at night. Two nights ago it dropped down to -29C; if its stays above -30C we don't consider it cold! They are forecasting a warm +5C for this week which means a real miserable, slushy day!
  18. bimicher

    Dvdbuilder 7 & Videowave 7

    "I created each frame manually in Photoshop for a 16:9 TV and added captions in Photoshop. I noticed that Videowave does captions, but if I change the duration of a frame before the caption it does not move with the frame I assigned it too. Is there a way to lock the text entries to a frame?" To make the text stay with a frame, change to the timeline, then select double click on the desired frame (you might have to expand the time line to see the frame). You can now add text to the text track. Click the green arrow to return to the main editor. Your text will now always stay with that frame. Experiment with it to learn some of the tricks.
  19. If all you want to do is play DVD movies then getting EMC 8 or even emc 7.5 is overkill. These programs are designed for capturing/editing/burning audio and video. Playing a DVD movies is just a "sideline". I would just get Cineplayer by itself if you are not interested in any video work.
  20. bimicher

    Do You Own An Mp3 Player?

    Paul, I don't see an option for "I don't own a mp3 player" or should I put my glasses on? Walter
  21. bimicher

    Pan And Zoom Editor-advanced

    I have the same experience as you - it is almost inpossible to have 2 successive key frames be the identical size or location. In EMC 7.5 I think you could apply a numeric zoom value to each key frame.