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  1. bimicher

    Creating Slideshow With Music Options

    How long in time is the slideshow? With NXT3 you should be able to put two slideshows on one DVD but with a slightly reduced quality and have a menu to select each slightshow
  2. No idea what you are doing wrong! Don't you think it would help if you were to tell us what program you are using? Videowave is part of about 15 different Roxio Creator programs. We can then move your post to the correct thread. More information about your project would also be nice, such as: where did the video come from, in what format is it, what are you trying to create.
  3. bimicher

    Can Not Load Photos To Make A New Photo Show

    What do you mean by "a file containing a number of Jpeg images"? How did you create that file? Can you explain exactly what you are doing?
  4. MovieFactory is 10 years old and has not been updated since about 2008. As you found out, it is important to read the system requirements before buying a program. There is lots of software being sold that won't run on W10. You should be able to get a refund from Corel.
  5. BD means BlueRay discs. Whether a DVD player can play mpg videos directly depends on the DVD player. What make/model of DVD player do you have?
  6. bimicher

    Open Saved Photoshow

    If you have Creator NXT 5 why are you posting in the PhotoShow forum? The are two completely different programs. A bit more information would be helpful
  7. You cannot simply burn the video files to a DVD and play them in a DVD video player. You have to create the DVD in a special format and structure to be playable on a DVD player. This process is called "authoring". Unfortunately this program does not recognize the mp4 format as a valid input. If you convert to the mp4 video to an acceptable format (such as mpg), the program should create the playable DVD. I would recommend that you get a full DVD authouring program such as Creator NXT 5 or one of the Corel video programs.
  8. Remember, a 4.7 GB DVD can only hold 60 minutes of best quality video. You can compress the video but then you lose quality. If the source is already low quality then I would not bother trying to squeeze more the 60 minutes on a DVD. I have found that the DL DVDs are more trouble then they are worth and don't bother using them. In fact I can no longer find them in any local electronics store.
  9. You have to decide what to "Export As"- mp4, mpg or whayever you want.
  10. bimicher

    Rotate Photo

    I doubt very much that Judy is interested anymore since she has not been back since Jan 29 2016 and never bothered to answer the same question then
  11. bimicher

    Toast 15 Burns Blu-Rays & Dvds, But Doesn't Play In My Samsung Blu-Ray Player.

    What is it you are trying to burn: a DVD or a BD? What is the file structure of a DVD that you burned and that does not play on the Samsung?
  12. bimicher

    Question About Easy Vhs And Windows 10

    What is make/model of your cameras?
  13. bimicher

    Videowave Being Painfully Slow

    What is it you are trying to create? what format? what destination? Is this captured video from a game?
  14. bimicher

    Video Quality On Roxio Videowave

    Break up the video into 1 hour segments and put each segment on a DVD. I would not bother with DL-DVD since they are more trouble then they are worth and they seem to be dsiappearing anyway. None of my local stores carry them anymore. Where are you planning to play the videos? Is your TV able to play HD video assuming that your camcorder records in HD? Do you want to have menus? There are a lot of options available depending on what you want to do with your final video.
  15. bimicher

    Video Quality On Roxio Videowave

    How long in time are the movies you are trying to put on the DVD? Where did they come from? In what format are they? There really is not very much information in your posts about your projects.
  16. We need more information. Exactly at what point does the problem appear? When launching the program, when starting Videowave to create the slideshow, when adding photos...? Perhaps you could describe your process in more detail.
  17. bimicher

    Videowave Editing In Nxt Pro 5?

    Videowave in NXT 5 works just like in NXT 3 or other versions. Or are you talking about editing when using NXT 5's myDVD? Your post does not explain what problem you are having.
  18. bimicher

    Transfer Roxio 2012 To Nxt5

    The OP is running W7
  19. bimicher

    Transfer Roxio 2012 To Nxt5

    NXT 5 is inferior to C2012,, especially the "new" myDVD is completely different from C2012 and almost useless. Projects from C2012 do not work in NXT 5.I suggest you dump NXT 5 and reinstall C2012 which many of us consider the best Roxio version. If your NXT 5 is a download you could return it and get a refund.
  20. First of all tell us what operating system you are using. What video format does the movie have?
  21. bimicher

    Rippling Effect.

    Please, do not put your reply in the "quoted" text box. Do you see "rippling" only while capturing or do also see it when you play the captured video through a software player such as VLC of WMP?
  22. bimicher

    Rippling Effect.

    Do you get the ripples when playing on your TV? Do you capture from a VHS player or a VHS camcorder? If VHS player have you tried adjusting the tracking on the VHS player? This capture program has very limited editing features and you probably cannot get rid of the "ripples"
  23. bimicher

    Asian Characters In My Video Titles

    If the character/title is embedded in the video then you can't change it
  24. bimicher

    Videowave Has Stopped Working

    NXT is not compatible with W10. It may work for awhile but will eventually fail
  25. bimicher

    Can't Edit Pictures From Samsung S7 Cell Phone

    I have no problems using PhotoSuite with the images you posted. I suspect though that those attached images are not the original photo files but have been modified to be able to attach them. They are only 127kb in size where one would expect Mb file sizes Perhaps you can upload them to a cloud site such as DropBox or OneDrive