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  1. bimicher

    Dvd Burn Issue

    Have you tried to create a folder set or iso file as has been recommended earlier? You then play that with the VLC player. This will tell you if the problem is with the burning the DVD process. If the iso or folder set play correctly then the problem is probably with the burner. Did your short video work? What are your settings when you authour the DVD?
  2. bimicher

    Dvd Burn Issue

    I guess the "VIDEO_.VOB" that the poster listed is a typo VIDEO_TS.VOB file: the first-play Video Object of the DVD-Video disc, usually a copyright notice or a menu. It is part of Video Manager (VMG). This file is not required to be present on a DVD-compliant disc.
  3. bimicher

    Dvd Burn Issue

    The 3rd file in your list (VIDEO_.VOB 232KB) doesn't look right. Are you sure that is in the Video_TS folder? How long in time is your project? Less than 15 minutes from file listing
  4. bimicher

    Dvd Burn Issue

    Can you list the files that are contained in the Video_TS folder?
  5. bimicher

    Dvd To Memory Sticks

    Play them where? On a TV, on your computer? More information on exactly what you want to do
  6. bimicher

    Videowave Crashes In Roxio 2012

    "Google" is your friend Try "Interlaced video"
  7. bimicher

    Videowave Crashes In Roxio 2012

    What happens if you add them in different order?
  8. The capture device will not work without installing the software from the missing CD. The CD is not sold separately since it is useless without the capture device
  9. You need the CD to install the software. Without it, the capture card will never work. It seems that you were ripped off by the e-bay seller. Contact e-bay and tell them what happened. Perhaps they can help
  10. bimicher

    Capture Problem

    3) Are you using the outputs on the front or back of the VCRs?Nope If you are not connected to the VCR output, how do you expect to capture anything?
  11. If you were to change the vob extension to mpg, the movies can be added without problems. I just duplicated your problem by creating a vob file - it would not add. I then changed to vob to mpg and it added with no problems
  12. How did you convert to VOB forma? Do you have a Video_TS folder under your myMovies folder? Videos in the "VOB format" are only created when authouring a DVD. This creates a Video_TS folder which will contain the files as shown in Jim's first image in his post. So please explain exactly what you are doing
  13. bimicher


    What files are in your so-called "install log folder"? Can you read other CDs or DVDs? Why did you install IE and WMP? They are part of W7 and do not need to be installed.
  14. You have supplied no information at all. What software do you? What capture device? Once you tell us more, your post will be moved to the correct forum
  15. bimicher


    I have no idea what happened since it is unclear what you did. Installing "Roxio GameCapture for Consoles" does not create a Desktop folder and especially not one containing the install logs. THe install also does not disable reading the discs. I would say that there is something wrong with your W7 setup
  16. bimicher

    I Can't Even Start

    If you want to "segment" your video clips on a DVD then you should first capture the video to your hard drive instead of capturing/burning directly to DVD. If you capture/burn directly to DVD you can only do one segment (clip); you cannot "add" more clips later on.
  17. bimicher

    I Can't Even Start

    Your posts are confusing. First you state you are using DVDs (post #3) but now you say you are using CDs. Which one is correct? You cannot use CDs for burning with VHS2DVD you have to use DVDs
  18. bimicher

    I Can't Even Start

    The user has VHS2DVD 3 which behaves differently from VHS2DVD for overlong videos. I don't think VHS2DVD has the "disc span" option
  19. bimicher

    Photosuite Crashes

    You will have to supply a lot more information. Open what file? Save what file? Exactly what are you doing or trying to do?
  20. bimicher

    Dropped Video Signal

    What is NCS recording software? Is that interfering with Roxio? Does it always stop at 2:20? Are there blank sections on your tape? From what VHS device are you capturing? To what are you capturing or are you capturing direct to a DVD? There is a lot of information missing from your post
  21. A standard 4.7GB DVD can hold just a bit more then 60 minutes of video at best quality. Any longer than that and the video has to be more compressed with a resulting loss of quality. Trying to squeeze 2 hours on a 4.7GB DVD could make the DVD unwatchable. VHS2DVD 3 has the option to span over several DVDs for video longer than 60 minutes. I have never tested this since I prefer to break up the video into 60 minute segments (at best quality) and burn that to a DVD
  22. bimicher

    Creating Slideshow With Music Options

    How long in time is the slideshow? With NXT3 you should be able to put two slideshows on one DVD but with a slightly reduced quality and have a menu to select each slightshow
  23. No idea what you are doing wrong! Don't you think it would help if you were to tell us what program you are using? Videowave is part of about 15 different Roxio Creator programs. We can then move your post to the correct thread. More information about your project would also be nice, such as: where did the video come from, in what format is it, what are you trying to create.
  24. bimicher

    Can Not Load Photos To Make A New Photo Show

    What do you mean by "a file containing a number of Jpeg images"? How did you create that file? Can you explain exactly what you are doing?
  25. MovieFactory is 10 years old and has not been updated since about 2008. As you found out, it is important to read the system requirements before buying a program. There is lots of software being sold that won't run on W10. You should be able to get a refund from Corel.