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  1. Since you are the only one experiencing your problem, there won't be any quick fix. So what changes were made to your system between yesterday and today? Automatic windows updates, etc? Obviously something has changed in your system.
  2. bimicher

    Dvd Template Controls

    You have to select the video that is displayed on the menu and hit Play on the remote. There are no commands to add. The DVD behaves just like a commercial DVD. I would think a user is smart enough to operate a remote.
  3. bimicher

    Creator 2010 Plus On Windows 7

    Before continuing let's make sure what program we are talking about. First of all, there is no such program as Creator 10 Plus. There is an old program called Roxio Creator 10 (which is compatible with W7) and there is an even older program called Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 which may or may not be compatible with W7. So which program do your have. To get the correct program look on the About page.
  4. bimicher

    Thumping Sound On Playback

    Did you do a direct transfer to DVD from VHS or did you first capture to a video file on your computer and then burn to DVD? If the latter, is the thumping sound in the video when you play it on your computer. Is there a microphone in your system and is it disabled when you do your capture?
  5. Creator 2010 is not compatible with W10
  6. Yes, I have that too but it has really nothing to do with VHS2DVD. It can't be used with VHS2DVD is what I am saying
  7. Where do you see Sound Editor within VHS2DVD 3?
  8. bimicher

    Dual Layer Or Large Size Files

    Obviously the "+" is greyed out since you have not entered anything into the textbox or clicked the down arrow to see other files. Despite your claim, ImgBurn accepts mpg files - you have to select the "Files" icon (not the folder icon) and then navigate to where you have the mpg file. BTW, I am quite familiar with NXT 5 and I know that myDVD has become basically useless.
  9. What program are you using? As far as I know, VHS2DVD 3 does not have any Sound Editor associated with it.
  10. bimicher

    Dual Layer Or Large Size Files

    Did you create a Video_TS folder set? Because that is what the "folder" option refers to, not any Windows foder containing files. The files option refers to single files (which may be in folders).
  11. bimicher

    Dual Layer Or Large Size Files

    cd has labelled the wrong icon as "browse for file". His arrow points to the "Browse for Folder" icon. The icon you want is the one under the "+" sign. That will allow you to browse for the mpg file.. It is hard to follow exactly what you are doing since you description is vague and confusing. For example what does this mean: "The homepage section that I was using was image from file/folder then build etc."?
  12. bimicher

    Dual Layer Or Large Size Files

    Have you tried Video Copy & Convert. You can create DVDs without menus. If you can do it to DL discs I don;t know You can also create a (DL?) iso file which you might be able to burn to a DL DVD using ImgBurn. I have never tried this. Since DL discs never really caught on they are disappearing from stores same as BlueRay discs
  13. bimicher

    Playback For Avchd Files Are Choppy

    In an earlier post, you mentioned that you are outputting at 15fps. Why such very low fps? How long in time is your project?
  14. bimicher

    Roxio Creator Nxtpro5 Issues

    Roxio staff does not monitor this forum so you have to contact them directly for your feedback In any case, I doubt that Roxio will revert back to the "old" myDVD. Someone at Roxio has decided that users are "simpletons" and can only handle a crippled DVD authouring program. THe "new" myDVD is the same as the one bundled with Corels VideoStudio but at least with VideoStudio you can still create DVDs without using muDVD. I don't understand why you are having problems with toggling between Magic Mode and Advanced Mode. If Magic Mode is shown on the screen then you are in the Advanced Mode and if Advanced Mode shows then you are in the Magic mode. In other words, if you click on Magic Mode then you will be switched from the current Advanced Mode to the Magic Mode.
  15. bimicher

    Playback For Avchd Files Are Choppy

    Thanks Brendon. Since I don't use the Multi-Camera-editor, I have never come across this feature. In Corels VS, that feature can be used whenever you have high resolution video not just with a multicamera video. You are still not telling us the properties of the source files. If your original source files are not near AVCHD quality, then you get choppiness when converting from lower quality to higher quality especially if there is a change in frame rate (fps) and/or bitrate.
  16. bimicher

    Playback For Avchd Files Are Choppy

    What is the source of your video files? What are their properties? Exactly what output settings are you using? If you are not going to create a DVD or BlueRay disc then there is no point in using myDVD. Why are you "converting" mpg to iso? An iso file is not a video format but simply a clone of what a DVD would contain if you want to burn a DVD. If your source files are in mpg format then converting to AVCHD does not give you better quality but may in fact give lower quality including choppiness since "new" frames have to be created, ie. duplicate frames. Also what is this Smart Proxy you are talking about? As far as I know, Roxio does not have a "Smart Proxy" option. This is only present on Vorels VideoStudio program.
  17. bimicher

    Mydvd Problems

    How long in time is your project? A standard 4.7GB DVD can only hold 60 minutes of best quality video.
  18. bimicher

    Broken Camcorder

    I don't understand what you are asking. If you have Roxio VHStoDVD 3 then you have all you need to capture from that camcorder. Are you having problems? Borrow another camcorder
  19. There is no "BOG STANDARD EASY CD & DVD BURNING" If you want help, answer the question. and please turn off the Caps unless you are visually impaired
  20. Turn off that function on your VCR?
  21. Forget about opening those old project files. They are not movie files, they contain no video whatsoever but are just roadmaps on how to create the final video file. They are just a list of the resources used (such as video clips, photos,etc)and the edits and so on you are making. Roxio is terrible in that it does not allow older vsp project files to be opened in newer Roxio programs. I always finish a project completely before updating any program
  22. Are you opening the actual 2010 made movie or are you opening a 2010 project file? The rendered movie would have a mpg or such extension. The project file will have a vsp extension. If you rendered the movie in 2010 and then open that movie in NXT 5, there is no way that you would get a "missing" error message. The orangeband overlay is in the same folder as the orangegradient overlay. In your first post you talked about the orangeband overlay
  23. Do you get the error message when you are in myDVD? I don't believe the error has anything to do with your movie but is related to a menu creation in myDVD. Could you list step-by-step exactly what your are doing? What NXT 5 version do you have? NXT 5 or NXT 5 Pro? What files do you have in the "..VideoUI/Content/Overlays/Banners?,,," folder?
  24. Did you use the exported video to try and burn to DVD?