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  1. How are you getting the signal from your LP player to the receiver? Can't you simply connect the players output to the USB device?
  2. You just responded to a long dead thread. You might get a bettwer response if you started e new thread
  3. bimicher

    Serial Key Number

    Yes, I have a key but not the key
  4. Forget about file size for the moment. What is the total time of the video you are trying to put on the DVD? Are you using "Fit to Disc"?
  5. bimicher

    NXT 7

    Exactly what problems are you having with creating the video?
  6. bimicher

    Why does my 7.6GB video turn into 9.5GB?

    Toast is not off the mark. Source file sizes do not mean very much as the time length of the video is more important. A standard DVd can only hold just hold about 60 minutes of best quality DVD video while DL DVD can cold under 120 minutes. You can of course squeeze more video pn the DVDs but only at a lower bitrate which means lower quality. The program works correctly in this regard and there is nothing to fix. The compress to fit option is basically meaningless since automatically reduces the bitrate to fit the DVD
  7. bimicher

    DVD burning crashes all the time with magic mode

    Very little information in your post. Can you describe your project? How long in time is your project?
  8. bimicher

    Removing a couple of minutes from a video

    This is one of the basic editing steps. On the timeline, simply position the cursor at the beginning of the segment you want to remove and click on the "split" icon (just to the right of the Trim icon). Then move the cursor to the end of the segment to be deleted and again click the Split icon. Then simple delete the segment between the splits.
  9. bimicher

    Aspect changes

    How did you get the video from the camcorder to your hard driv? You say you "captured via Roxio". What does that mean exactly? Since your video is recorded on the camcorder hard drive, you do not need to "capture via Roxio". You simply use Windows Explorer and copy the video from the camcorder to your storage hard drive.
  10. bimicher

    MyDVD CD key#

    So, did you use the key on the back of the CD folder?
  11. bimicher

    Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner

    Do a google search for "free duplicate file finders" and you will get lots of hits.
  12. bimicher

    Toast for Windows

    Exactly what do you mean by "Windows version of Toast"? Of course Roxio has a "program" for Windows that does what Toast does. Have you looked under "Products" above?
  13. Running NXT7 on Win8.1 I just tried to replicate your problem following the steps you outlined but I have no distortion in the audio. Everything works just fine.Used a 30 minute mp4m 1280x570 video file. The created audio proxy file plays without distortion in several players.
  14. bimicher

    Anybody know what year it is?

    Can you post the link to where you bought it? I cannot finde any "Version 4" on any Roxio site
  15. Photoshop is a completely different program from Photoshow
  16. bimicher


    What are those numbers? MB or KB or what? What happens if you replace on of the problem images with one you know is good?
  17. bimicher

    NXT6 MyDVD video orientation

    Did you start your project in Videowave? This is where you can rotate your clips clockwise or counter-clockwise. You then render your project to a mpg file which you then load into myDVD for DVD creation
  18. bimicher

    Problem writing to Disc

    What does "then together with another I go into Record DVD" mean? Could you be more specific in the description of your steps? What is the make/model of your camcorder?
  19. bimicher

    Blending Transitions

    I don't understand what you are trying to do? please explain with more detail. Using fading transitions (is that what you mean by "blending transitions in and out) work perfectly in NXT 6 (or any Roxio program)
  20. bimicher


    As sknis has posted, you have provided very little information. Exactly what is your project, how long in time, at what point do you get the error? What program from the NXT 7 suite are you using? Are you able to render your project to a mpg file? You have to give us some information
  21. bimicher

    How To Record In Other Formats Than .m2Ts

    You just posted to a 5 year old thread. On top of that, there is no information at all what your post is about. Who or what is TL or DR?
  22. bimicher

    Video Copy and Convert Problem

    What happens if you have that file on a local drive?
  23. bimicher

    VCR uses coaxial

    Does that mean you got it working correctly and you are able to capture the VHS video?
  24. bimicher

    VCR uses coaxial

    The Roxio device does not "require" a S-Video connector you can also use composite (yellow,red and white) cable. Since you ordered the coaxial-to-composite adapter, then you are ready to go. Doesn't that VCR have composite output? What is the make/model of the VCR? Have you read the Manual on how to hook up the components?
  25. Getting a bit lazy if 3 or 4 mouse clicks is too much for you . As far as I know there are no settings that will give you the defaults you want. THe Cyberlink of course appears first because the drop down list displays the imaging devices alphabetically. The same for the video output format. You can drop the Cyberlink WebCam from the list by disabling it via the Device Manager/Imaging Devices. It will save you one big mouse click