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  1. 20 hours ago, Blonde one said:

    Using VHS to DVD 3 to copy old home movies. Have burned several 1 hr just fine, but after downloading  a4 hr tape into computer, I edited and split down to 2  1hr segments. But they won’t burn. Using exact Verbatim DVD R 4.7 it gets to “ trim” then says can’t copy and spits out DVD.  Right now I am burning directly from tape to disc and it’s going fine. I uninstalled a movie maker app put in yesterday. This is my second day since getting Roxio so slow learning curve. 


    A 4.7GB DVD can only hold about 60 minutes of best quality video. You can get just under 2 hours on a DVD but the video quality will be greatly reduced and almost unwatchable especially if fro low quality VHS video

  2. 8 hours ago, JSJR said:

    The SlideShow Folder on the DVDs contain the .jpg files.

    The DVDs in question were created with old Sonic Software RecordNow7 or MyDVD06 (Year 2003 or 2004). The back-up files on the hard drive are very different from Creator and NXT. All DVDs play fine on our TV's DVD which I thought would make this easy. So at this point I am going to let it go because I am assuming the source files are incompatible.


    Copy the  VTS_01_?.vob files to a new folder.

    Change all the vob extensions to mpg. Does each file play correctly?

    Now, add each mpg file  in Videowave (in the correct sequence). Can you now create a new video file  correctly?


    Exactly what are you playing when you get the "split" images. Of course NXT does not recognize the "Slideshow" folder as playable.

  3. 2 hours ago, JSJR said:

    Yes   All DVD's have the Video_TS folder with ifo, bup, vob extensions. BUT the DVDs that have slideshows that lock up also have a folder called Slideshow.

    As you can see from above I have used several Sonic/Roxio products that might be the issue. Also wondering if it is a Window 10 / QuickTime is the issue?????


    I am trying to get away from DVDs and go to Video streaming so I want to convert my old DVDs.


    What is contained in the folder "Slideshows"?  Where did it come from?

    Does the Video_TS folder play correctly?

  4. 2 hours ago, bdl1024 said:

    Thank you for your response. The files are .MTS (AVCHD) I do have it downloaded but if I upload to the cloud or shared drive and someone else wants to watch on say their phone, will that format work? I did need to put it in Videowave as I needed to combine tracks and edit it a little. Now I want to create a DVD so my question here would be what format to I want to export to for best quality?

    For uploading to cloud or shared drive, the best format would be mp4. That of course requires the user to have a device to watch that format

    For a DVD, the format has to be mpg.

    No need to use 3rd party programs as Videowave will create the required format

  5. 14 minutes ago, telboy22 said:

    Thank you  Bimicher ans sknis. I looked at the User Guide and the illustrations match my version. Nomagic/advanced mode, no options to mute audio and all  inall useless. I will unibstall and go back to Pro3 or earlier if I can find the disks!😡

    Many thanks for your help


    The myDVD version that have the "edit Menu" feature are still not usefull for you since the volume adjustemnt applies to the whole project not just the menu audio.

    I have not created a single DVD using this "new" myDVD. Luckily I still have older Roxio Creator programs that have our "old" myDVD which was really great. Nowadays I use Corels VideoSTudio which still has a useful DVD creation program even though they also feature the "new" myDVD.

  6. 1 hour ago, telboy22 said:

    From Corel. Your version looked familiar, so reinstalled Pro6 on another PC. My Pro7 MyDVD does not have the magic mode / advance mode options but goes straight to menu edit.. ?Another uninstall reinstall ?😖


    2 hours ago, sknis said:

    Where did you get the MyDVD?

    Here is my build.


    Steve, your version is very old. The version that now comes with NXT 7 is up at  It has been dumbed now even more from previous versions and no longer has the Edit Menu features. It is totally useless which also applies to all myDVD programs included with the last few Roxio NXT series .

  7. What is the make & model of your DVD player? Some players are able to play "stand-alone" mpg files or files in other format. You could create your slideshow and then render it to a format your DVD player can play.  You will of course have no control over the "slideshow" in the traditional next/back method since the slideshow is a video and will play continuous.

  8. 17 hours ago, juno said:


    It was either Creator 9 or 11

    Please give the full name of the product. There was no "Creator 11" but there is a Roxio Creator 2011

    Also there is a Easy media Creator 9  as well as a Roxio Creator 2009.

    I will try to reinstall the version you used to see how the multiple clips on one screen was used. I don;t remember every seeing that feature.

    You can of course create multiple clips on the screen using the overlay tracks but that is possible in every version.

  9. 44 minutes ago, Dfrads said:

    I am only making simple slideshow presentations, with no more than 50 photos and 1 or 2 songs.

    I can save and download it multiple ways but they all require me to select the folder once its in the DVD player.

    I need to it to automatically display the first slide when placed in the DVD player. 

    Is there an easy setting I am just missing?

    Since you have not told us exactly what you did, it is hard to make aby suggestions or tell you what you are missing.

    Did you simply burn the production to a DVD or did you use the myDVD feature to create a video DVD?

    PLease give us some details on what exactly you did!

  10. 1 hour ago, HarryTanjong said:
    I just want to share a little experience about Prepare Failed Record # 0 in Corel Visual Studio.
    I use Corel Visual Studio ultimate x9.
    the way the computer or notebook you use is not available voice recording devices, so turn off the audio system by clicking on the audio system settings disable audio system,
    good luck

    You should be posting in the Corel VideoStudio forum. This is the Roxio forum site.

    BTW, there is no such thing as Corel VIsual Studio

  11. Burning a 120 minute video to a DVD will of course create all sorts of problems. A standard 4.3GB DVD can only hold 60 minutes of video will require a lot of compression and a huge loss of quality especially since your source video is already at low quality.  Even at highest compression I think VHS2DVD cannot burn 120 minutes to a DVD